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About Me

S.C.O.P.E. self presentation

James Jang

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of About Me

About Me : James Jang Favorite food : values ranking How Do I See Myself? Strengths & Weaknesses hobbies / interests : my friends : talent : Places I've lived : Favorite shows : My mom My Korean name is Woo-lim. It doesn't mean anything, but it's supposed to match with my sister's name, Woosim. Nebraska My mom was with me my whole life and she always supports me. I don't know what I would do without her. One of the only shows where I was like, "Woah! Wait, what?" MC Mong Ricky Zhovner : Since 3 Most people consider me as a good drawer. video games cheerful
funny (I hope.) Pretty much, my only strength is happy / nice people. I live with : Tennessee sister my mom LOST Has the best sense of surprise. The Walking Dead Kind of gross, but it's really exciting. Good acting. I love curry for some reason. My mom makes it the best. Favorite singers or bands : Colbie Caillat Owl City rd grade. Gaurav Kaul : Since 6 th grade. take walks Favorite things to do outside of school : go over to a friend's house card games board games playing guitar Traveled to Orlando Studios and Disney World or Land ... whichever it is... One of the best things that happened in my life... When I got my first pet... My first dog... Ribbon. I witnessed her take her last breath, last year. I didn't want to, but... Cedric Rivera : Since... 2 nd grade? Shout-outs to Brendan Baranyai and Adam Mather! I don't like the massive amounts of homework at times. I'm liking some of the nice, fun teachers. 1. be healthy
2. be close to my family
3. get a good job
4. have a lot of friends
5. do what is morally right
6. have enough money to feel secure
7. be intelligent 8. be independent & free 9. have a sense of humor 10. be in love? me not me bragger
a loner What's My Line? total slob neat freak 50/50 hot head cool operator 90 - 100% gossiper my lips are sealed 90 - 100% Favorite teachers : Mr. Chlebek, because he was straight to the point and fun. I know Mrs. Kopicki will be one of my faves too. Important / Admire : My only known weaknesses are mean people and, obviously, kryptonite, because I'm... me in the 1930's. Fin. I'd like to be like Toby Turner. He's funny and he seems nice. He's makes videos on YouTube and he's a character on the show, "Annoying Orange".
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