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Slades Farm Community Project

An evaluation of the Commmunity Project, 2012

Community Project

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Slades Farm Community Project

Slades Farm Community Project Business Community Project: Community Project Charlotte O'Hagan, Leah Phillips, Bella Tyroll & Sarah Wichelow Introduction Our final evaluative artefact documents the management and delivery of the event. This is presented both textually and visually through the creation of a video, which you will hopefully find both engaging and interesting. The video highlights the activities which were completed throughout the day and demonstrates how the seminar group worked as a team.

As a group we have formed an evaluation of the experience, as well as adding our own individual comments. We also gathered comments from a few members of the seminar group in order to gain an objective view.

Due to the nature of the project, we incurred many challenges. These challenges are discussed further in the presentation and we include how we overcame these issues.

Lastly, we have provided our recommendations to future BCE and Community Project teams, based on the challenges we faced, to try and help them avoid similar issues. Evaluation of the Experience Evaluation of the Experience Charlotte O'Hagan "I have learnt that time management is essential to the success of a project and that communication is highly important when working in and organising a group. I have also learnt different ways to solve the problems faced when organising a large group, as we have done during the project" "The Community Project has developed a range of skills from working in a group. Team working skills have highlighted the importance of commitment and the benefits of all team members contributing. Focus was also important throughout the task and on the day of the event. As a team we encountered a few challenges, some of which proved difficult however I was able to learn from these and develop my skills further. " Leah Phillips "I found the project experience very beneficial; it has helped me to develop good team working skills, especially with those that I did not know prior to the project. I have also learnt the value and importance of communication and participation from all team members. To complete work to a deadline it is essential that all members contribute and complete their set tasks. " Bella Tyroll "The Community Project was a valuable learning experience, in terms of both the actual project and working on the deliverables. The project itself allowed our seminar group to improve team working skills and I feel as though we all understand how one another works. It was also good to know that we were helping the local community. Producing deliverables in a group is something which I hadn’t done before so there were a few challenges, but I have learnt that communication and staying motivated is key to the success of any project." Sarah Wichelow Project Evalation Documentation of Management > Team work: Throughout the duration of the project effective team work has been paramount to the success and completion of the task. All four members of the team gelled well together, in turn allowing us to work confidently and comfortably around one another.

> Communication: Communication is a key factor which can potentially lead to the success of a project. During the project we used a variety of methods to communicate, including text, email and social networking. Our group favoured the social networking site, Facebook, as it meant that everyone was involved and it was easily accessible via Smartphone technology.

> Organisation: Due to the number of people that were required to take part in the Community Project as well as the amount of documentation that needed to be completed, being organised was vital. Video Footage from the Project We have compiled a short video which summarises the days activities and tasks. Challenges Throughout the duration of the project there were a number challenges that our group had to try and overcome, we dealt with these in a variety of ways. This part of the evaluation explains these issues and the solutions we used. Robbie Lanigan Adam Shillcock Jack Johnson We gathered opinions and comments from some members of the seminar group, as well as ourselves, to create a more well-rounded evaluation of the learning experience gained from the project.

The seminar group gave opinions concentrating on the actual community project, whereas the Community Project team members focus on working as a group and the skills learnt from this experience. "The day was well organised and we put into practice the theory ‘division of labour’. I felt as though the project allowed us to give something back to the community." "The day was a fantastic opportunity to get some fresh air. I felt the day was coordinated effectively, everyone knew when they had to be there and what was expected of them. Brilliant experience" "Though the day was long and required hard work, it was very rewarding to put something back into the local community. The event was well put together and there was a great level of commitment from the whole seminar group" Varying Levels of Motivation > During the project it was difficult to maintain a constant level of motivation within the group; this was due a variety of factors including some members being better suited to certain tasks. For instance Leah was confident that she could develop the video and was therefore enthusiastic and motivated whereas when we began work on the Gantt chart, she was less motivated as she hadn’t had to create one before. This issue was common in the group and occurred at different times dependent on the individual and the task.

> We overcame this by delegating tasks to the individuals who were most confident and comfortable with completing them, although we all helped one another and contributed to each task. Time Keeping > Due to the demanding nature of the project, time management was essential. However implementing this was difficult as we have a busy timetable and we all have individual commitments.

> We solved these issues with the use of project planning tools which included using and updating a Gantt chart, time plans and holding regular meetings. Commitment > The project required a high degree of commitment from all members and although every member attended all the meetings, some tasks were completed when there were absences in the group.

> This was a difficult challenge to overcome as it is hard to try and make someone commit themselves to something, however we did constantly remind each other of the importance of the project and that we all need to contribute. Ability to Receive Criticism > As with any project of this kind, criticism will always be a challenge as some people are generally better at receiving it than others. This meant that when we reviewed work some people took a negative attitude if someone suggested an alternative or challenged what they did.

> This was overcome by all members giving their opinions, suggestions and finding a mutually agreeable point. Communication > Communication was difficult in the sense that we had to contact every member in the group in order to keep everyone informed and up to date on any progress.

> Although this could have been an on-going issue, we tackled it quickly by developing a Facebook page in the initial stages of our project. This allowed us to communicate more effectively and provided the ideal platform for file sharing, this meant that all members had access to current documentation. This area of the evaluation discusses positive aspects of the project and the skills that we have developed both as individuals and as a group. Working with new people > As a group we have all learnt how to work with people from different academic backgrounds, this has allowed us to appreciate a range of different ideas and gain and understanding of the way everyone thinks. Commitment from all members > Early on, we all developed an understanding of the importance of the Management Competencies assignment which in turn meant that we ensured we were committed to every task we completed. Working with a variety of skill sets and learning from others > The project provided us all with a great opportunity to learn from others and develop as individuals as we were able to acquire skills from other group members. In terms of using different skill sets, we were able to separate the tasks between people that felt most confident that they would be able to produce a high quality piece of work for the task. Group time management & working round each other > As we all have individual commitments we learnt how to work around each other through the use of a Gantt chart and planning meetings so that everyone was given the opportunity to contribute equally and have involvement with all tasks. Learning how to give constructive feedback > As some members of the group were more sensitive when receiving feedback or criticism, we all had to learn how to accommodate this so that there was no bad feeling in the group and meant that there was as little tension as possible. Varying Motivation > We learnt to deal with different levels of motivation by working together as a team and knowing that we could rely on one another. We planned work on activities in our breaks between lectures as we found this was when we were most motivated and in the best mind set. Making use of 21st century technology > All group members have been able to enhance their technical competencies through using the various resources available to us including Microsoft Project, Apple iMovie and Prezi. As a group we all feel more confident in using these programs and will be using them in the future.
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