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Titanic Mise en Scene

No description

Mixing Drinks

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Titanic Mise en Scene

1. Setting and props: 2. Costume, hair and make up. The costume in this film tells us the period that it is set in, it is not we would see now adays. We see two contrasts in this particular shot because Rose is in upper class evening wear, and jewellery and is well presented, compared to Jack and the background characters who are presented as quite scruffy and there clothes are quite dirty looking. 3. Facial expression and body language. Jack and Rose are intimate in this shot, this shows there relationship and mood. They appear happy because of there facial expression. However, the background characters appear in a negative mood, because they are not dancing or seem to be enjoying themselves. Titanic : Mise en Scene. Mise en scene is a french term that means 'to put in the scene'. Everything that the audience can see on screen is part of the mise-en-scene.
Here are things that involved in Mise-en-scene and how they appear in this particular shot in the 'Titanic'... The setting in this film is mostly on a ship, but in this particular shot its in the basement part of the ship. The people that are associated with this location are very different to Jack and Rose (the two main characters) who are more upper class.
There isnt any props in this particular shot but the props that would be associated with Titanic are crockery, alcohol, and dinner service props. 4. Lighting and colour. The lighting in this shot is low key, with a focus on Jack and Rose, this tells the audience that they are more important than the other characters. The colour of this shot is deep, with lots of oranges and browns which suggests a relaxed mood, this portrays how the characters are feeling because in particular, Rose feels as though she can relax because she is not being judged or being expected to behave in a particular way. 5. Positioning of characters and objects Jack and Rose are in the middle of the shot, which focuses the audience attention on them. Also the way they are stood so close suggests there close relationship.
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