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waters energy flow

No description

lizeth martinez

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of waters energy flow

Dirty vs clean
clean water is very important to life because we do many thing's with it like shower,wash the dish's shower the dog ,cook and many more thing's
How much water can cost
waters energy flow
water flows all over the place.
waters gone wrong!!
water damage is when water comes out of the ocean or lakes and into your house
Clean water

water sources
water is used for many things like washing showering and many more .
Water cycel

water sometimes have chemicals inside because of people dumping in stuff
the water source in this planet is very bad because people don't care about it they just think that just because it goes threw cleaning it is clean but sometimes it's not and that's why we have to take care of the water source
Water filter's can cost so much money but it really does work but who want's to spend so much money on something you can get for free
a water filter can clean out water but if we all work together we can have cleaner water then what the filter give's to use
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