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Konglish - June 17 - Ryan and children


Ryan Moroz

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Konglish - June 17 - Ryan and children

salaryman cunning overeat
handphone diary pension
sharp event pop song
officetel meeting service
one-shot fusion morning call
Fighting! gargle pocket ball
apateu drama Y shirts Good Evening Konglish Lovely Ryan English Club Problems with Konglish difficulty understanding foreigners
using English only with Koreans
learning poor pronunciation
loss of Korean words w North Korea vs. South Korea Many English loan-words in the South
Few English loan-words in the North
North Koreans have trouble communicating Where
does Konglish
come from? influence of English through Japanese
abbreviations (shortening words)
[aircon, driver]
combination of Korean and English words
[can maekju]
Koreans teaching Koreans
marketing slogans
[bravo your life]
grammar differences Konglish => English Fix the Konglish! Write in standard English Invent a new word! make your own Konglish explain the meaning Group Worksheet Try your best NOT A TEST! Need not answer all questions. Schedule - Quiz
- Discussion
- Examples
- Reasons
- Group worksheet
- Game (if time) Internet 1. Instant access to the world
2. LOTS of English
3. Anonymous
4. Free
5. Great English practice Try using the Internet (in English) - join a message board
- read Wikipedia
- use a social networking site
- search (Google, Bing, etc.)
- play a game Choose something
you are interested in! No translation machines! Be careful. Summer - 9 days
- maybe cooking
- special projects
- fun things
- daytime
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