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No description

Bryant Cornett

on 12 June 2017

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with DTSpade Solutions
In order to grow, Dimensional will need:
scalable PRACTICE ACQUISITION strategies
robust DE NOVO OFFICE build capabilities
relevant DATA INFORMATICS on offices, &
an EFFICIENT PATH to monetization
Elements of Growth
Q: What if you could walk ten new offices in 30 minutes?
A: DTSpade Virtual Office Walkthrough

Q: What if you could build a model for a successful market and replicate it throughout the country?
A: DTSpade Demographic Profiling
Scaling Practice Acquisitions
Q: What if you could build a market out with built-out dental offices?
A: DTSpade's Built Out Dental Survey

Q: What if you could bring the last job's solutions to the next office?
A: DTSpade's Construction Management Services
De Novo Office Expansion
Q: What if you knew which ten offices were the largest drag on your balance sheet?
A: DTSpade Lease Administration

Q: What if you knew competition revenues, staffing availability and consumer spending for dental offices BEFORE you committed?
A: DTSpade Analytics
Best Information Available
Q: What if these services could be provided outside the typical operating structure and capitalized into a construction/site management agreement?
A: DTSpade can capitalize:
Due diligence/walk through expenses,
Demographic research expenses,
Construction Management, and
Lease Administration Services

11 Partners
SIOR Network of 1,800 Office/Retail Brokers
Brokers represented over 300 dentists
Focus on Private Equity backed firms
About DTSpade
Scalable Practice
You'll verify equipment configurations without a plane ticket
You'll tour 15 offices in 35 minutes
DTSpade Office Virtual Walkthrough
Scalable Practice
Algorithms move from market to market, such as highly populated zip codes with higher than average sugar consumption and lower than average spending on oral hygene products
New Markets can be quickly replicated
DTSpade Demographic Profiling
De Novo Expansion
Open Offices with minimal capital expenses
Open Ten Offices in One Hundred Days
DTSpade Built Out Dental Survey
De Novo Expansion
One point of contact for jobs across the country
Learn from each job and carry experience forward into the next one
DTSpade Construction Management Services
DTSpade Lease Administration Services
DTSpade Lease Administration Services
DTSpade Lease Administration Services
National Coverage
Access to Best in Class Brokers through SIOR Network
Access to National Real Estate Data through CoStar and Loopnet
Opening Charlotte in 2017 to cover NC/SC
Relevant Informatics
Algorithms move from market to market, so when we find new opportunities in markets, we can lay that knowledge into current and future markets.
Understand Competition Revenues
DTSpade Analytics
Understand Consumer Spending
Understand Proximate Staffing Availability
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