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Can "Green" Marketing Claims Be Believe

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Robert Merritt

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Can "Green" Marketing Claims Be Believe

Issue 20
Can "Green" Marketing
Claims Be Believed?

Group 7
The Answer Is

Introduction to Green Washing
What does the consumer think?
1. Sin of Hidden Trade-Off
2. Sin of No Proof
3. Sin of Vagueness
4. Sin of Irrelevance
5. Sin of Lesser Two Evils
6. Sin of Fibbing
7. Sin of false Labels

Seven Sins Of Greenwashing

Since we are becoming more aware of "Green" methods, the word Green is becoming over used by companies who claim their products save leaves.
Words such as Green, Clean, Natural, Pure, Eco, etc... Are the words that put our minds at ease, assuming we are using something healthy.
With the lack of no government restrictions, companies can and will take advantage of these words for your money. Many products are NOT truly healthy.
Work Cited
Green products have been increased by
Since 2009.
are guilty of
Examples of "Green" Companies.
Do you think these are really organic?
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