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Alexandra Gutierrez

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Lodging Industry
Hotel Plans & Amenities
How to make a profit...
Problems in the community
According to the HVS Design 2013 hotel costs estimating guide, the lodging industry is suffering. You have experienced this fact first hand. What can you do? How can you revamp your hotel? The Answer: Disner World. We can help you!
By having this specific niche, your hotel will be one of a kind in the community. Due to your goal of keeping the community safe by keeping them off the streets will gain you the full support of the community.
Although the cost of this project appears to be extremely large, it is important to remember the immediate gross that this will begin to bring your hotel.
- Round about to provide shuttle service for inebriated clientele.
- Simple yet effective rooms to maximize space and provide necessities.
- 24 hour cafe that supplies food and coffee for patrons who wish to sober up before going home.

In the downtown area there is a major problem with drinking and driving as well as public intoxication. By showing your support in the safety of the community you will have more support from your neighbors in keeping your business alive!
Renovating buildings to renovate lives
Wamer Brothers Lodge
Disner World
A little about Disner
Disner World is an industrial company who aims to support its clientele and the community by renovating, refurbishing and re-purposing old/abandoned homes. Here are some of our success stories:
Adriana Lopez & Alexandra Gutierrez
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