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Red Bull - China

No description

Elena Samper Arango

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of Red Bull - China

1982 1984 1990's 1987 Dietrich Mateschitz samples Krating Daeng, a Thai energy drink that took away his jet lag.
Krating Daeng, was a drink popular among cab drivers and other blue collar workers.
It had been produced since the early 1970s by the T.C. Pharmaceutical Co., founded in Thailand in 1962 by Chaleo Yoovidhya. Red Bull GmbH is founded in Austria by:
Dietrich Mateschitz (49%) from Austria
Chaleo Yoovidhya (49%) from Thailand
Chalerm, Chaleo's son (2%) from Thailand

Mateschitz is responsible for the company's operations. Red Bull's product begins sales in Austria. Red Bull GmbH expands to its first foreign markets
1992: Hungary and Slovenia
1994: Germany and UK
1995: China
1997: US
1999: more than 50 countries 2000's The most popular energy drink in the world
100 countries
Energy drink world market leader
In 2008, Forbes magazine listed both Chaleo and Mateschitz as being the 260th richest persons in the world with an estimated net worth of $4.0 billion

Red Bull is aggressively marketed through advertising, tournament sponsorship (Red Bull Air Race, Red Bull Crashed Ice), sports team ownerships (Red Bull Racing, Red Bull New York) and celebrity endorsements. Energy Drink

Red Bull GmbH

Leader Energy Drink in the world
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