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AP Langugae Multiple Choice

No description

Denise Kohler

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of AP Langugae Multiple Choice

Go the the questions and identify if each question is Evidence, Inference or Thesis
Do not read the passage first!!!
Evidence Questions
An evidence question is a direct quote or literal meaning
You must read footnotes for evidence questions
Answer all evidence questions first
Only read what you need to answer each question individually
Do not read the passage from the beginning!!
Inference Questions
Inference questions are asking you to make an educated guess
Inference questions will ask you to analyze something specific
Thesis Questions
Thesis questions ask for tone, purpose, attitude, style, theme of the piece overall
Always answer these questions LAST
AP Language and Composition
How to master the Multiple Choice test
With an evidence question, the answer to the question is in the text
Before you read the passage, read each question and decide if it is evidence, inference, or thesis. Then answer the questions by only reading what lines the question is referring to.
Specific line numbers as reference
Rhetorical terms as answer choices
The question is asking something that you can figure out by reading the lines
Specific line numbers as reference
Look for the word infer
You would have to read some of the text to infer the answer
ideally, once you have answered all of the evidence questions, you have read a chunk of the piece and can answer this one
This question seems like an evidence, but the answer is not clearly stated in the piece like an evidence question
Lets Practice
Read the question and identify what type of question it is
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