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Jenna Marie Golden Horses

No description

maryann carroll

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Jenna Marie Golden Horses

What are the difference in horses???
Different kind of horses can grow really big or they can stay small. It depends on what kind of horse it is. Some horses can grow tall as a human or can be smaller than a human. Also, It depends on its breed like a mustang or pony.
Ponies weigh less than regular horses because ponies are a different breed. Some horses can weigh more than the other it depends how they eat if they have musicals or are taller or shorter.

Favorite sayings 1-5
Horses can grow so big that people can’t even get on the horse without a step stool. But if it’s a miniature horse. Only a small weight human can ride them because someone that weighs a lot can hurt the poor poni.
There are a lot of different type of horses. Like: fancy or dark. Also, big and small with pretty colors. Some have hair and some don’t. Some have a shaped or have a tattoo in their mouth if they were a race horse.
Donkeys and zonkeys are related to the horse family because they look a lot like horses also act and are a little different because they are smaller and called different. names
Food with salt in it
Broken leg
Had to cut open horse to get the strangles out.
A horse with strangles that is old and cant get up so the vet has to put the poor horse down.
What is this type of horse called? Look at the legs to see answer.
A kind of sickness they can get is diabetes. But, horses can only get them when their pancreas is unable to secret a lot of insulin to a normal concentration of sugar. Horses can get many of sicknesses including Diarrhea and colic. Some of these diseases could kill old and young horses. If one horse gets something and then another gets it to. Horses can also get strangles. Strangles and colic is almost like the same because they both are both really bad. All these sicknesses can kill horses or can be harmful to others. Strangles is also a really bad sickness to horses.Colic can happen when horses does not get enough food and water. It can kill really old horses. Also, when someone puts salt in the horses water or food to make the horse not want to drink or can get them really sick.

Extra pics
( 2015 )
BY Jenna Golden
Answer: Zonkey
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