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Invention of the Cotton Gin & its Impact on the North/South

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Addie Soja

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Invention of the Cotton Gin & its Impact on the North/South

Invention of the Cotton Gin & its Impact on the North/South Economies
The Cotton Gin
The Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1794. It was invented as a way to increase the production of cotton by speeding up the removal of seeds from the cotton fiber. Although the Cotton Gin did not make Eli Whitney much money, it benefited the South and their economy. The Cotton Gin also increased the arguments between the North and the South.
The Cotton Gin & the South
When the Cotton Gin was invented, the South was the main area that benefited from it. The Cotton Gin increased the production of cotton which in turn meant that the South needed more slaves to manage and work the cotton production. The invention of the Cotton Gin led to a boom in the Southern economy and created a one-crop economy for the South. After the Cotton Gin, the South provided about two-thirds of the world's cotton supply. With the increasing slavery, there was a stress put on the relationship of the North and the South and their opposing views of slavery. While the South's economy relied on cotton and the Cotton Gin, the North had other plans to gain control once again.
The Cotton Gin & the North
The North, an extremely anti-slavery section of America was not happy about the invention of the Cotton Gin. With the invention of the Cotton Gin came a loss of economical control in America. To gain control of the economy again, the North decided to heavily tax the cotton being produced in the South, eventually hurting the Southern economy. Although the South was producing a large amount of cotton, they did not have the resources or machinery to create finished goods from the cotton they were making. The South, therefore, relied on the North for finished goods. This relationship, or lack of relationship, created tension between the North and the South. This tension was due to the superiority of the North, the increase in slavery in the South, and economical differences and disagreements.
So how'd the Cotton Gin contribute to the Civil War??
All that info summarized:
The Cotton Gin contributed to the Civil War because:
1. increased production of raw materials (cotton)
- South didn't have resources to create finished goods so they still relied on the North for the finished goods
- North and South relationship/lack of relationship didn't help in the reliance that the South had on the North for finished goods
2. increased use of slavery in the South
- although slavery is not the main reason for the Civil War, it did contribute to it by creating tension between the North (an extremely anti-slavery area) and the South ( a pro-slavery area).
So how'd the Cotton Gin contribute to the Civil War?? Continued
3. Created Economical Differences and Tension
- North didn't like that the South had economic control so the began taxing the cotton.
- South didn't like the tariffs and taxes put on the cotton by the North so there was a lot of tension
-Cotton Gin led to different economies which also created tension (aka it wasn't all good so the North and South couldn't just live their lives bc it actually was serious)
- Northern economy based on manufacturing of goods
- Southern economy based on production of raw materials (specifically cotton)
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