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Setting & Theme

No description

English La Quinta del Puente

on 13 December 2017

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Transcript of Setting & Theme

How does a character respond to the environment?
Setting & Theme
Setting & Theme
How does a character respond to the environment?
What is setting?
What is theme?
How are they related?
Where and when the story take place can help communicate the message of the story.
Ask yourself these questions:
1. What parts of the setting does the author give the most attention?
2. How does the setting affect the characters' actions?
3. How does the setting connect to the plot (esp. the conflict)?
4. Is it possible for the setting to represent a bigger idea/situation?
Setting conveys a sense of atmosphere (which helps illustrate elements of the theme).
The society shapes characters':
responses to the environment
The setting is important to the theme because some settings are more suited to certain themes.
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Ancient Athens
Woods beyond the city
Madness of love (shown through fairy magic and love potions)
Forest is perfect setting because the wood is wild, primitive place outside civilization. Represents the mysterious, dark, and sometimes wonderful subconscious.
Why might the setting add to the theme?
Think of really powerful stories...their setting plays a big part .
A story that takes place in the Wild West or on some faraway planet creates a world the reader can get caught up in.
A well-developed setting is crucial to developing the theme, because in order to accept a theme, a reader needs to be drawn into the story.
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