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Scientific Notation

Students will learn scientific notation

Isauro Mendoza

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation
Standard 1.0
Students know the properties of and compute with, rational numbers expressed In a variety of forms.
1.1 Read, write, and compare numbers in scientific notation (positive and negative powers of 10) with approximate numbers using scientific notation.
The purpose of scientific notation is to use only a few numbers in order to represent a number with a lot of zeros. But sometimes you want to see the entire number in decimal form.
Scientific Notation
Positive Exponents
A Positive Exponent means moving the decimal point that many places to the right, and then adding zeros in the open place.
This exponent means move the decimal two spaces to the right.
This exponent means, move the decimal three spaces to the right.
Negative Exponents
A negative exponent means moving the decimal point that many places to the left, and adding zeros in the open places.
This exponent means we move the decimal to the left. Lets convert to standard notation.
This is why it's a positive exponent. Because we are moving right of the number line.
We move the decimal three places to the left. Lets turn into standard notation.
Since this is a negative exponent, notice that this arrow points to the left of the number line.
Let's do some together.
Positive exponent, we move the decimal to the right.
Negative exponent, we move the decimal to the left.
Lets convert to standard notation
Now lets turn standard form into scientific notation.
5.43154 x 10
2.54152 x 10
Number Sense
By: Issac Mendoza
We don't need to write Decimal
The key is to move the decimal after the first number (not zero). The amount of spaces will determine the exponent. The direction will tell you if it's positive or negative.
To the left is positive.
To the rigth is negative.
This scientist had to write in scientific notation. How often did he use scientific notation?
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