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Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights

Sage Hansen

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights Movement

Strategies Freedom Rides When blacks and white activists in the south rode
other buses to stop the ban on segregated buses
in the 1960's. Freedom Summer Registering African- Americans in Mississippi 1964 in a civil rights act. Church bombings and murders happened by the KKK because of this act. March on Washington on the Lincoln Memorial huge group of people including Martin Luther King Jr. met in 1963 that ended in the famous " i have a dream" speech. Led to Civil Rights act And Voting Rights Act. Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa Parks got on a bus and refused to give up her seat to a white man. she got sent to jail and then it all began. All blacks stopped riding public buses and started carpooling and riding in their own cars. this occurred in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955. this led to african americans being able to sit where they want and be hired for bus drivers on public buses. People Thurgood Marshall An african american man who made strong arguments during the Brown vs. Board of Education trial. This trial was arguing Plessy vs. Ferguson. Thurgood later went on to work in the Supreme Court. Martin Luther King Jr. One of the most known civil rights leaders of all time. He led the Mongomery Bus Boycott. He spoke at the March on Washington. THe March on Washington is where he gave his famous "I have a dream" speech. Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was a woman on a bus who refused to give up her seat to a white man. She was sent to jail beacuse she refused. This began th eMontgomery Bus Boycott. Rosa is considered a martyr beacuse even though she broke the law, she did it for a good cause. Bobby Seale/Huey Newton Founders of the Black Panthers. They supported black power and had armed resistance for anyone who thought the opposite. Huey was shot and killed in 1989 and Bobby is still alive to this day. Organizations Black Panthers A group of blacks that were trying to protect their rights as americans. Bobby Seale and Huey Newton are the founders of this organization. This group is similar to the white KKK only this group is made up of blacks. Ku Klux Klan A white supremacist group that killed people that questioned their power. They also killed many blacks. They were involved with a church bombing and many other killings. NAACP A group of african americans that supported getting civil rights and being equal americans. They fought against segregation and discrimination. This is also the one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the US. SCLC An organization that was founded by Martin Luther King Jr.. This organization effected the african american decision to use a non- violent method to gaining civil rights. this method was surpisingly effective. Events Little Rock Nine White Flight Civil Rights Act of 1964 Civil Rights Act of 1968 In 1957, nine students in Little Rock, Arkansas achieved the goal of getting integrated schools. There were guards in the front of the school preventing them from entering previous to this achievement. When these students were in school, they had a security guard that would walk around with them to protect them from harm of other students. When whites moved out of their nieghborhoods so that african americans could move in. this happened because of the Brown vs. Board of Education trial. this was just a nickname for the action. Law that banned segregation in schools so schools became integrated. It banned segregation in employment so that blacks could work in all places. It banned segregation in public places so that blacks and whites could all use the same drinking fountains. law that banned segregation on sale of a house so blacks could buy houses. It banned segregation on renting houses so that blacks could stay in a house for a period of time as long as they paid each month. It also banned segregation on finance so that blacks could get finance on houses.
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