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The Mighty Zeus!

No description

Byron Rios

on 6 July 2011

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Transcript of The Mighty Zeus!

Zeus Zeuses bros ' ' Poseidon and Hades Zeuses offspings Roman name: Jupiter
Parents: Cronos and Rhea
Brothers: Hades, Poseidon
Sisters: Hestia, Demeter, and Hera. http://historylink102.com/greece2/zeus.htm Parents: Zeus and Metis

Athena’s birth was unusual to say the least. Gaia warned Zeus that if Athena’s mother had a daughter, that child would overthrow Zeus. To prevent this, Zeus swallowed Metis while she was still pregnant with Athena. Around the time when Athena was to be born, Zeus was in great pain. He felt terrible pressure in his head. He ordered Hephaetus to use his axe to relieve the pressure. Hephaetus used his axe on Zeus’s head and out of the opening came a fully grown, armor wearing, Athena. Zeus was able to stop the legacy of the children overthrowing the parents as he and his father had.

Athena was the patron god of Athens, which became the center for learning in Ancient Greece. Even in the Roman era, nobles sent their children to Athens to get a proper education.

Athena is best known for her role in the adventures of several of Greece’s most famous heroes. She guided and protected Odysseus during the Trojan war and his long journey home. Hercules was aided by Athena during his twelve labors. She also came to the aid of Jason on his quest for the golden fleece. Athena also helped Perseus kill Medusa because Medusa had violated Athena’s temple with Poseidon About Zeuses daughter ATHENA http://historylink102.com/greece2/athena.htm CREATED BY: Zeus is Awesome because hes the god of the heavens and Thunder (lightning). Byron Rios to see more of my prezies... scroll down the page and look at more prezies by Byron Rios Cool THATS IT FOULKS!!!!!!!! THE END!!!!!!!
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