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Models of Memory

Multi-Store Model and Working Memory Model

Matthew Kilfoyle

on 12 January 2012

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Transcript of Models of Memory

Multi-Store Model of Memory (MSM)

Short -Term

Long -Term

Encoding and Storage
Maintenance Rehearsal
Working Memory Model
Central Executive
Controlling system for the other components (slave systems)
Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968)
Baddeley and Hitch (1974)
Attentional control -
- Supervisory attentional level: Making decisions about what to concerntrate on
Automatic level: doing things you don't have to think about
Episodic Buffer
Temporary and passive display store
until the information is needed
Activity: With a partner discribe what you did on new years eve at the same time write what about you Christmas day

Activity: Create your own what are memories or episodes from you
Phonological Loop
Two Components:
Articulatory control system: holds info
in a verbal form, your inner voice.
Phonological store: holds speech based
material in a phonological form, inner ear
Activity: Draw a detaileed house while repeating a single syllable word aloud.
Activity: Create your own. What are 2 auditory or vocal activities that don't require repitition?
Visiospatial Sketchpad
Deals with use of visual and spatial information
from Sensory memory or LTM, your innner eye.
Activity: Draw a detailed house while describing a car in detail
Activity: Create your own. What are 2 visual or spatial activities that don't require repitition?
Not attended to
Lost from sensory memory
Lost from STM (working)
Not rehearsed or encoded
Elaborative rehearsal
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