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Dutch chain transition Responsible Soy (RTRS)

RTRS Responsible Soy Dutch 2015 Chain Transition

Paulien van de Graaff

on 6 June 2012

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Transcript of Dutch chain transition Responsible Soy (RTRS)

The road towards responsible

Use of pesticides
And social problems
An important food and a vital feed ingredient
Several problems with
cultivation of soy
That's why.....
Dutch government considers sustainable sourcing important
action through RTRS
Broad support for RTRS from the start.
Dutch actively involved in developing
RTRS principles
Dutch industry unites
Task Force Responsible Soy
October 2010 RTRS standard
Initiative Responsible Soy
(in Dutch: IDS)
Now it is up to
the market
to start producing and
to buy RTRS soy
Market demand must be stimulated

IDS takes the lead by buying
the first RTRS certified soy
The Dutch animal production chain
uses circa 1.8 million tons of soy annually
Tip of the iceberg
Up scaling to 1.8 mln ton
In 2011 IDS bought 235.000 tons of responsible soy (ca 13% of soy usage)
All parties within Task Force, IDS and IDH have the same goal:
100% responsible soy in 2015
That's why
Declaration of intent (December 2011):
'100% responsible soy in 2015'
The road towards responsible soy must be traveled by all the chain partners together.....
April 2012:
Foundation established to implement
chain transition towards
100% responsible soy in 2015
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