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Information Technology Security: Industry Outlook

No description

Samara Faisal

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Information Technology Security: Industry Outlook

Industry Growth & Developments
Business Impact
Information Technology Security: Industry Outlook

What is the architecture of enterprise security systems?

Who is at the forefront of implementing information security solutions?

Where do we see the most exponential growth?

How is information security shaping important business decisions?
Enterprise Security Architecture and Operations
Akamai 2013 State of the Internet Report
34% of all observed attack traffic originated from China
8.3% of all observed attack traffic originated from the U.S.
72% of all attacks were concentrated on enterprises
36% of all enterprise-related attacks were targeting financial services
What is the relationship between "Enterprises" and "Security Measures"?
The diminishing perimeter
Enterprises are defined by data not geographical boundaries.
Security is defined by the chain of relationships along which data travels.
Transformation of the Security Model
FBI Data Findings Report 2013
Out of 2,000 businesses of varied size, the FBI said 87% of firms had seen an attack on their systems 20 or more times last year.

33% of firms were not actually aware of some attacks on their businesses.

64% of attacks cost companies an average cost of $24,000.

Total cost of incidents was $31.7m
External threats
Regulatory threats
Internal Threats
The Threat Landscape
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard established by SSC:

1.) Build and maintain a secure network (firewalls)
2.) Protect Cardholder data (encryption techniques)
3.) Maintain a vulnerability Management Program (software)
4.) Implement strong access control measures ( authorization)
5.) Regularly monitor & test networks ( networks)
6.) Maintain an information security policy ( CIO)

Number one driver of upcoming security vendors
Compliance & Regulatory Standards
Players & Competitive Landscape
Council Member Acknowledgments
John Pironti - President of IP Architects, LLC.
Manjit Singh - Former CIO Las Vegas Sands Corp
Becky Wanta - Former CIO MGM Resorts
Alan Davidson - Former Director of Public Policy Google
Michael McNerney - Former Cyber Policy Advisor DOD
P.K. Karnik - Former Senior VP Imperva
Security Operations
Network Security Vendors
Endpoint Protection Vendors
Web Gateway Protection Vendors
Vulnerability Management Vendors
Achieving regulatory compliance
Wide-scale Implementation
Antiquated vs. Innovative Growth
IT Maintenance vs. Value-Added

Incumbents vs. New Players
Mobile Implications
Cloud Security
Shift of responsibility from provider to customer
Access control/ Federated Identity Management
Shift of location of data
Ensure secure networks
Industry standard encryption and authentication protocols
Cloud Computing Security Management
Balancing risk with business impact
Shift of focus into risk mitigation as opposed to risk prevention
No is not an answer.
Better awareness campaigns that speak to senior management
The role of the CIO
Gradual diminishing of endpoints
Investment Growth
Security tech market set to grow by 8.7% according to Gartner
$86 billion dollar invested by 2016 as companies continue to expand the technologies they use to protect critical data.
Key focus on mobile security, big data, and advanced persistent attacks
Enterprise security is built off of a network of layers that are rapidly becoming more and more complex.
Incumbent vendors are being challenged by the in-depth concentration of security solutions by new vendors.
IT Security is exponentially growing with big developments in mobile devices and cloud computing
Paradigm shift of the role of IT Security in impacting a business
Business Implications of PRISM
Data mining program PRISM operated by NSA heavily affects consumer trust
According to the Innovation & IT Think Tank Foundation, U.S. cloud-computing companies could miss out on $21.5-35B of revenues over the next three years due to concerns about how U.S. authorities have been accessing the firms' user data
Key Companies : Google, Amazon, Facebook, Skype
Samara Faisal
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