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Transparency International

No description

Wai Fat Justin Ng

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Transparency International

Transparency International International Organization
but NOT Governmental Aim? Lead the fight against corruption
and end the devastating impact of corruption Mission To change the towards the free of corruption Background Founded in 1993 by Peter Eigen
and Headquatered in Berlin, Germany Global Network with 90 locally established national chapters Lawyer by training and Regional Director of World Bank Common experience of having witnessed first hand the devastating effects of cross-border corruption. What do they do? & How? Publication and awake people's awareness Develop tools for organizations to implement Corruption
Index Tools?? investigate and expose
cases of corruption? NO Not focus on specific instance but raising the awareness Not to replace the media, police, auditors, etc. Many of their members are
politically involved in their countries dialogue with both governments
and big corporations by this position Success Put the topic of corruption on the world's agenda Thank you Events & Conferences Before the 1990s
this topic
was not broadly discussed Different tool kits to teach
preventing corruption Anti-Bribery
Convention jhirtjiotrio\
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