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HAPPI Farm Social Media Project

No description

Brenna Ramsay

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of HAPPI Farm Social Media Project

HAPPI Farm Social Media Revamp
About HAPPI Farm
HAPPI Farm stands for "Horse and Petting Pal Interaction Inc."
Non-profit aimed at helping disabled, mainly Multiple Sclerosis patients through therapeutic animal interactions
Also helps those with developmental delays, hearing impairment, visual impairment, reactive attachment disorder, substance abuse in recovery, and thought control disorders.
Programs for horseback riding and learning about the care of the horses
Defining areas that needed improvement
Redesign previous social media outlets and create new ones
Create a list of posts which will attract positive attention
Begin posting daily
Gain more followers through following those in the customer base and who would benefit
Link all social media sources together
Design a new logo and create a new slogan
and Next Steps
Continue to post statuses on all sights from the list we have provided
Post pictures on Facebook and Instagram of new improvements to the company
Improve website to look more professional
Try to reach out to the community around HAPPI Farm such as high schools for volunteers and doctors to provide recommendations for patients
Talk to charity organizations such as Junior League to attempt to gain more donations
The Project
Revamp social media aspect of the company to market online
Redo Facebook and Twitter to gain more followers
Create LinkedIn, Instagram, and Yelp accounts
Make HAPPI Farm's organization more viable through the internet
Gain more customers, volunteers, and donations through getting the word out
Created an Instagram and a new logo
Revamped the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, and LinkedIn
Increased followers and improved aesthetically
Actively posted on all social media sites and linked them together
Key Observations and Challenges
Bringing all the social media connections together
Setting up additional meeting times
Unable to visit HAPPI Farm location because of distance
Were unable to redo the website because of lack of web design experience
Their new logo has been implemented as the main picture on all social media outlets
The brand new instagram is now up and running
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