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Management Centre - Good to Great

No description

Pitch Kitchen

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Management Centre - Good to Great

It’s clear who’s responsible for projects
Meetings always start and finish on time
Delivery deadlines are always met
Actions are always followed up
We deal with poor performance effectively
People always do what they say they will How disciplined is your organisation? =mc innovation value chain How will you be remembered? Good What’s the problem? “Good is the enemy of great” What are your innovation accelerators?
Bill Gates, Business @ the Speed of Thought Confront the (brutal) facts G2G characteristics
Disciplined thought Be clear what the deal is…so people sign up knowing the expectation Decide first who, then what G2G characteristics
Disciplined people What is Good to Great? A book by Jim Collins and his research team explaining the results of a major research project
A 5 year project to established why some companies significantly out performed others
And now…
A development programme from =mc that can help transform your not for profit’s performance You’re Good,
But Can You Be Great? =mc innovation value chain =mc has developed an innovation methodology “What specifically can we do differently today to improve results?” Toyota ‘start the shift’ question How aligned are people in your organization? Create a culture of discipline You can more easily adapt to a changing world
How to motivate & manage largely goes away
With wrong people, right direction doesn’t matter Why get the right people on the bus first? What drives your
engine? What you can
be the best in
the world at? What you are deeply
passionate about? Builds enduring greatness through personal humility and professional will Catalyses commitment and pursuit of a clear vision; stimulates high performance Organises resources towards the efficient pursuit of predetermined objectives Contributes and works effectively with other to achieve group objectives Level 5 leadership 1 – Highly Capable Individual 2 – Contributing Team Member 3 – Competent Manager 4 – Effective Leader 5 – Level 5 Executive Great What is Great? 1453 companies studied by Collins’ team to find the ‘Great’
Return (CAGR) at least 3 x greater than average over 20 years
Sustained and sustainable growth was key to Greatness
Only 11 companies made it to this level- many ‘unfancied’ names
=mc has applied this discipline..
worked with 17 charities in 3 years to help them make the change to Great “Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.” Disciplined Action Disciplined Thought Disciplined People Culture of
Discipline Hedgehog
Concept Confront the
Brutal Facts First Who…
Then What Level 5
Leadership G2G Model Unlock the flywheel Innovation
Accelerators Preserve the Core Build up Breakthrough 5 – Level 5 Executive 4 – Effective Leader 3 - Competent Manager 2 - Contributing Team Member 1 - Highly Capable Individual 1 Productive contributions through talent, knowledge & skills 2 3 4 5 Reflect
Thinking about your harshest critics
An unhappy employee
A frustrated beneficiary
A let-down donor/supporter
Think about
What criticisms would these critics offer?
What legitimate concerns are there? Confront your demons How to confront the brutal facts
(without losing faith) Lead with questions, not answers
Engage in dialogue and debate, not coercion
Conduct autopsies, without blame
Build red-flag mechanisms and whistleblowing “Whether you prevail or fail depends more on what you do to yourself than on what the world does to you.” G2G characteristics
Disciplined people To find out more about how to apply Good to Great in your organisation contact Bernard Ross. b.ross@managementcentre.co.uk
http//www.managementcentre.co.uk “In three years every product we make will be obsolete.
The only question is whether
we’ll make them obsolete or
if someone else will” The question now is, how will you get from good to great? Let us help you get there. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent is outstanding at organisational learning and confronting the facts. For example after the London Bombings in 2007. Who’s Great at Organisational Learning? Red Cross Red Crescent asks three questions:
What happened?
What was supposed to happen?
Why was there a difference? Innovation Roles What are your values and how important are they?
What drives you and you, your staff and even volunteers? Can you identify your core competence?
How can you uniquely add value in a way competitors can’t Do you know what are your key success metrics?
What will create sustainable unrestricted income? The hedgehog concept “An ancient Greek parable distinguishes between foxes, which know many small things, and hedgehogs, which know one big thing.
All good-to-great organisations, it turns out, are hedgehogs.” “A hedgehog concept is not a goal to be the best. It is an understanding of what you can be best at.” This model of the three disciplines sits at the heart of the programme. Disciplined People Disciplined Thought Disciplined Action Score 1-5
5= Always true 3= most of the time 1= never true 20-25: you're Great!
15-20: you're Good but you could be...?
10-15: would you like to be Good?
5-10: we need to talk...
0-5: call urgently... In every Toyota plant everywhere in the world the same question is discussed at the start of every shift for 15 minutes. (Think about it…)
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