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Devmobile 2012 - Development strategies for mobile projects

Development models for Mobility

Patrik Malmquist

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Devmobile 2012 - Development strategies for mobile projects

"Mobile app vs. mobile site" Last years question was "native vs. web app"?
Is this years question? If we look on the mobile channel! Or what suits your users best? Go mobile? App? Mobile website? Responsive Design? Full flow 4 breakpoints! 960 px
320 px Native Hybrid Web app m.example.com iphone.example.com galaxy3s.example.com Do nothing? iOS Android Windows
Phone Native logic in the phone! Content from website using jqtouch. Using HTML5, AJAX, Javascript and CSS3. Liseberg Who is their users? Screenshot 2012-06-05 Twitter: @PatrikMalmquist Fluid layout
Flexible gridsystems
Flexible images
Media queries “Change is not necessary,
survival is optional.”
W. E Deming Who cares? Webserviceaward - Rapport "2012 Mobilens år!" Webserviceaward - Rapport "2012 Mobilens år!" Questions to ask! How to evaluate? My idea in januari! But what is more important than to have a right answer, is to know how to ask the right question! Who is the user? B2E B2C Function or content? Function Content COPYRIGHT (C) PATRIK MALMQUIST 2012 Need sensors? How important is the UI? Do you need HQ acceleration? Streaming media? Is animation important? Do you need OpenGL? Need you own fonts? Are you selling? A Service? Multichannel? An app? A product? No island...
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