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No description

Renata Copsey

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Flowcharts

Lesson Flowcharts Fundamentals
Flowchart development Definition What is a flowchart? A flow chart is a graphical representation showing the flow of control among the steps in a program, people in an organization, or pages of a presentation, processes in general. Purpose It is a step-by-step illustration of what occurs in a given situation. Attributes of a flow chart. Start/End Block - ovals - brief description of the process
Input/Output - parallelograms - an event that occurs.
Decision - diamonds - question with only two possible answers (one input, two outputs)
Process - rectangles - operation carried out (one input, one output)
Sequence - a series of processes carried out one after the other.
If/Else - Provides choices, using decision block, if I make this choice, this will happen otherwise, that will happen. Developing a Flowchart Write down processes
Consider decisions
Consider inputs & outputs Flow Chart Examples Class Exercises Pair up Students
Each group gets a process
Each group creates a flowchart
Present to class Process Ideas Self-check at the supermarket
Making a sandwich
Doing a load of laundry
Drawing a flowchart
Taking a picture
Cleaning a bedroom
Changing a diaper
Posting on instagram
Walk the dog
Check a book out from library
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