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The 3 R's at Rossett

Introduction to 3 R's at Rossett School

Paul McIntosh

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of The 3 R's at Rossett

Temple Moor High School Discuss which of the 3 Rs is portrayed in the Michael Jordan "Failure" clip? William Kamkwamba invented his wind turbine when he was 14! Which of the 3 Rs do you think he used to succeed? The video of Derek Redmond is very inspirational - which of the 3 Rs did he need to firstly get to the Olympics and secondly, to finish the race? 3 R's Culture Of Learning @Rossett Why are the 3 R's for learning important to build into our culture here at Rossett? At the minute we report on effort.
What does this number actually mean?
We also give AfL targets for improvement
Do they have an impact? Which of the 3 R's are your strengths?
Which do you need to develop more? Responsibility Reflectiveness Resilience R R R Thursday 14th June:
i. Launch to students.
ii. Assembly followed by 30 minute PSHEE lesson.

Wednesday 27th June:
i. Second PSHEE lesson where students will explore what the 3 R's will look like in lessons to make them more independent learners. Tuesday 3rd July:

Independence Day: A day that must look, feel and be different. Be as flexible as possible, take risks and 3 R's need promoting and brought through in lessons. 2012-13:
3 learning cycles instead of 4.
Staff report on levels of each the 3 R's per subject instead of effort grades.
Each cycle has a 3 R's focus for purposes of subject targets in planners target. Responsibility being the first, then resilience and then reflectiveness. Resilient:

1. I only persist with things for a short period of time and struggle to take feedback on board. I need to be tougher and positive in order to bounce back and try again to improve.

2. I ask for help when things get difficult but can be disheartened when setbacks occur. I will follow things through when I really want to but I need to show more strength of character and use feedback given in order to improve my performance.

3. I am able to act upon most forms of feedback and marking but I can struggle to use my own initiative when I don’t understand. I need to be more flexible and change my mind set in the face of a challenge. I usually stay involved and with some initial support I can get on with things by myself.

4. I enjoy a challenge and am generally flexible in my approach to work following feedback. I am positive about any setbacks that occur in my learning and I show good levels of persistence, even when things are difficult If I rebound quicker when faced with a challenge then I will continue to stretch myself.

5. I am very flexible in my approach to learning and receive feedback well acting upon it and persist with things until I have succeeded. I see any setbacks as opportunities to learn and always remain positive adapting my methods of working to progress. I am a self-starter and plan in detail how I should keep improving. Compare and contrast our students with those in the video. Similarities/differences.
1. Why do some of our students lack the qualities seen in the video?
2. Why is it important to narrow the gap? Responsibility is down to us!
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