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TEAM 1 presentation

Allwyn, Andrea, Athena, Berylnn, Camille

Andrea Slugenova

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of TEAM 1 presentation

What is Talent?
Hire people with
and right

Use the three months probation as a testing period. If they fit, great, If they don't, let them go

Hire those with little experience,
spend time to train and guard them
. It's possible to build up their talent.

Look for
someone who is different
from you. This can help to bring in new ideas and concepts

Talent is something that takes time to build. Managers need to be patient and pay close attention

Hire people with your judgement and
trust your "gut"
Willing to learn and to be open to continuous and ongoing learning
Critical thinkers – test hypothesis – try new things
See a profession is a changing body of knowledge that requires constant study and evaluation
Challenge conventional wisdom and look at things from multiple sides
Open to change
Recognize the need for collaboration
Know their own limits
Allwyn, Andrea, Athena, Berylnn, Camille
Retain the TALENT
Key Take- Aways
Strategic Human Resources Management
Success Factors
According to Webster's Dictionary:
a special ability that allows someone to do something well

a person or group of people with a special ability to do something well

a talented person or group

~In the business world, Talent can be illusive and harder to define. ~
Reward the TALENT
Seek out “portable employees”
- those who can transition to different positions

The “fit” factor
- should be right between the person, role, and organization

Talent discovery is circular
– today’s workforce assists in recruiting and retaining future employees

Avoid the “just-like-me” error
Success Factors
Be open to complimentary and wide-ranging work styles, personalities and approaches

Talent is less about lone achievement and more about team & process

Talented people need a push sometimes
– a reality check – to develop their potential

Recognize the range of traits of talented people
Your company has the best, so how do you keep them ?

Competitive Compensation and Benefits
Benefits which allow work life balance
Reminders of organizational stability and future success
Career development trainings
Promotional programs and trainings
Employment security

Recognition Programs
- Behavior
- Individual
- Employee to employee
- Positive Feedback
Performance Goals Reward Programs
Tuition Reimbursement programs
Wellness Incentive Programs
Employee Nomination Reward Programs
Appreciation Program
~Employees want to know when
they are doing well~
Know what they don’t know and have some idea of how to deal with that
See possibilities and take risks in order to potentially fulfill them
Know more than one way to get to an outcome
Exceptional communication skills
Committed to the idea and eager to work on 110%
Able to motivate and inspire
Persistent and creative
“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs
But Also...
We decided to summarize some of the most important traits of TALENT- ed people...
Companies need to invest in talent T&D

Talents sometimes don't believe in themselves -> managers need to give them positive feedback

Managers need to know how to retain talent -> if talent doesn't fit company's objectives, they should let them go.
The purpose of this presentation is to explore how current business leaders use their years of experience to be excellent Evaluators of Talent.

Discover with us how they identify, hire, retain, and reward talented candidates.
Finding talent is critical for business leaders

Business leaders need to find passionate people in order to build up their talents.

Rewards motivate talents to continue with their high performance.

Managers need to be patient when hiring, retaining, and building talents.
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