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Story as Information Text: Using Multi-Genre Projects in th

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Holly Atkins

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Story as Information Text: Using Multi-Genre Projects in th

Multi-Genre Projects
in the Digital Age

Multi-Genre Projects in the Digital Age
Sarah's Project on the Mongol Empire
Critical Thinking Project (Social Studies)
1. Students select a historical topic and reflect upon Critical Thinking Elements

2. Students research topic under this lens, using narratives, informational text, primary sources and online resources

3. After analyzing information, students select what tool will is
best for presenting their topic to their intended audience

Process Writing Project

Students are tasked with working through the 5 steps of the writing process to create an original work.

Student's choice of topic. Were encouraged to use the iPad they received via a technology grant. Majority of spring semester class chose ebook format, rather than paper.
Computers: Beyond transmitting and accessing information..."a new medium through which people can create and express." Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age
Blog of Genghis Khan's wife
Cartoon Storyboard
"Writing is a tool for thinking"
(2008 NCTE Policy Brief)
The multi-genre research project is “a powerful way to engage students in reading, writing, and critical analysis across the curriculum.” (Melinda Putz, 2006)
"The 21st century requires writers who can move easily between genres….” Teachers must "create writing assignments that ask students to interpret and analyze in a wide variety of genres." (2008 NCTE Policy Brief)
Deep, complex student understanding takes place through multi-genre projects which require "multilayered, multivoiced blend of genres each revealing information about the topic." (Romano, 2000)
The Common Core State Writing Standards expect students to develop digital and media literacies that enable them to "produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborae with others." (CCSS Writing # 6)
Candace Roberts

Holly Atkins
Kim Higdon

Carol McLeish
Writing is an effective tool for building understanding of complex concepts and content information
(Olson, 2011; Daniels, 2007; Gammill, 2006; Knipper & Duggan, 2006, Emig, 19770)
Works Cited

Daniels, H., Zemelman, S. & Steineke, N. (2007). Content-Area
Writing: Every Teacher’s Guide. Portsmouth, NH:

Emig, J. (1977). Writing as a Mode of Learning. College
Composition and Communication, 28, 122-127.

Gammill, D. M. (2006). Learning the Write Way. Reading
Teacher, 59(8), 754-762.

Knipper, K. J. & Duggan, T. J. (2006) Writing to Learn Across
the Curriculum. Reading Teacher 59(5,) 462-470

NCTE. (2008) Writing Now: A Policy Research Brief

Putz, M. (2006). A teacher’s Guide to the Multigenre Research
Project. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Olson, C.B. (2011). The Reading/Writing Connection (3rd ed.).
Boston, MA: Pearson.

Romano, T. (2000). Blending Genre, Altering Style: Writing
Multigenre Papers. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Salem Witch Trials
Al Capone
Genghis Khan Family Line
Book Creator for iPad:
Veronica's Book
Marisol's Book
Impact of Poverty on Student Achievement
After a book study, students were tasked with responding to the text in any format.
What do you believe?
Brainstorm ideas
Create storyboard
Gather images and music
Decide on technology tool
Create D.S.

Steps to Create “This I Believe DS”

The Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling

EDU 350

What do you believe?
Brainstorm ideas
Create storyboard
Gather images and music
Decide on technology tool
Create D.S.

Steps to Create “This I Believe DS”

Course Texts
Course Assignments
Other Courses
Digital Storytelling
Education Department Wiki


Culminating project
Digital storytelling
Position statement: Best practices for adolescents

“This I Believe” Position Statement

“This I Believe”

Middle and Secondary School Curriculum and Philosophy
Candace Roberts, Saint Leo Univeristy
Holly Atkins, Saint Leo University
Kim Higdon, Saint Leo University

Sarah's Prezi

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