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Bellissima - a scent of risk

No description

Madalina Ghita

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Bellissima - a scent of risk

A scent of risk

- new fragrance
- two potential target markets

Same target market or try something new?!
Profile A
-25-30 years old women
-high income
-ambtion and superiority
- "Sophistication" or "Cool Elegance"

ADV: brand loyalty
DIS: change of perfume from time to time

- Italian company
- cosmetics and fragrances market
- appeals to mid-aged women with high incomes
- luxury products

Criteria #1
Marketing investments required:

Profile A:
-low marketing investments
- low costs for advertising campaigns

Profile B:
- high marketing investments
- new and strong advertising campaigns

Criteria #2

Profile A:
- high-income customers willing to pay higher prices for a luxurios perfume
Profile B:
- customers depend on their parents income;
-financial dependency and instability

Criteria #3
Brand loyalty
Profile A:
- brand loyalty already established
- sustainable and constant
Profile B:
- young, curious and willing to experiment
-hard to establish brand loyalty

Profile B
- women aged 18-25
- young & rebellious
- fashionable lifestyle
- "Rebel Angel" or "She Devil"

ADV: - high spendings on clothes and cosmetics
DIS: - massive investment in marketing

Course of action
- target group -> Profile A
- design a product for mature women
- brand loyalty
- power of purchase

!!! " it's 5 times more expensive to get a new customer than keep an old one"!!!

R&D: develop new fragrance
- ads and campaigns w/ local celebrities
- packaging: simple & elegant
Information system:
- use internet to provide feedback

1. Introduction
Company description
2. Options
3. Criteria
4. Course of action
Bellissima - a scent of risk
Table of contents
Company audit
Profile A

- consumer profile
- consumer behaviour
- consumer lifestyle
- brand loyalty
- power of purchase
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