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Centripetal Motion

No description

Cecelia Harrison

on 24 January 2011

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Transcript of Centripetal Motion

Centripetal Motion Centripetal motion definition the force cause an object moving along a circular path to move toward the center of the path Centripetal Accerleration definition Accerleration toward the center of a circle
by an object moving along circular path AC Formula Ac= distance/time

distance= 2(Pi)r Video 1 Data Table
Rifle -
Ac .62 .63 . 62

12.27 13.26 12.27

.48 .52 .55 Conclusion The rifle and saber have similar Ac's because they have similar lengths.
The Ac of the flag is a lot higher because of the 1.82 m length and the drag from the silk. Therefore slowing down the rotation time.
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