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No More Walls In the Classroom!

Collaborating beyond the classroom's walls. A presentation given at our ARARTE (Asia Region Art Educators) conference in Singapore October 2010 and at the 21 Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong February 2011 edited and revised for Taipei

Kendra farrell

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of No More Walls In the Classroom!

Essential questions:
Why is collaborating with other students and teachers beyond our classroom meaningful?
What impact does sharing students' ideas, work, and feedback have on student learning and engagement, when teachers from different schools collaborate and share?".... Enduring understanding:
The new "3 R's": Richness, Relevance and Relationships and 3 "C's": Communication, Confidence and Collaborations are reasons our curriculum and students benefit by sharing with others in these challenging times of rapid change.
Collaborate!... Arted2.0 Twitter PLN's ! With Whom?... "Chance favors the connected mind"... Voicethreads 11,000+ art educators !! Teacher created Personal Learning Networks Using Web 2.0...
"is about moving beyond thinking of the Web simply as a place to search for images and information to using participatory media tools to exchange ideas and resources, to collaborate with others, to demonstrate our own creativity and learning before a worldwide audience, and to comment on the ideas and work of others.
The Web is not only a great information resource; it’s also a great big stage!"
Craig Roland professor and founder of Art Ed 2.0 Ning fromYarmouth High School USA Closing thoughts... "The 2.0 web is like a birdsnest where everyone leaves their piece..." How do you find the players? Thinking differently Sharing, responding and collaborating with other schools and educators
is discovering how to use the internet to create greater richness, relevance and relationships within your own classrooms. Richness, relevance, relationships as well as amplification of what is learned are good reasons to BEGIN!!
Start with just one idea and connect with someone teaching in another school or city or country and see what happens. It's energizing !! and your students will think so too. Flickr ARARTE The 21st C has affected us all There really are no more walls in the classroom... with the internet the world is both our stage and our muse creating a true "sense of audience" ... we as educators are becoming
the facilitators of that show. do we Share our "piece"? we are rethinking the past Where to begin??? connecting students and teachers globally Skype in exponential times Shared assignments Wikispaces we can dialogue, reflect and share... We can begin today! conversations In these exponential times the classroom is becomimg a relic of the 19th century Tumblr a mini blog Teaching and learning in an interconnected world Start with just one thing Start a blog, a wiki, sign up onto a PLN or join twitter and... remember... across the globe Blogs
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