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Lions Main

No description

charlotte irobot

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of Lions Main

Cyanea capillata
Lion Mane Jellyfish
What does something so large eat?
Jellyfish Food
A part of an average Lions Mane jellyfishes diet consists of zooplankton, ctenophores , small fish and even moon jellies! Overall they tend to not be picky on what they eat, because they are not a common prey to other ocean animals. A Lions Mane jellies digestive system is no different than any other jellyfish. They have a simple cavity called a coelenteron and that acts as the entire digestive system including the stomach, gullet (stomach and mouth tube), and the intestine.
Where do these monstrous creatures live?
The lions mane jellyfish live in the cooler regions of the Pacific, Atlantic and the North Sea region. They live in all of these locations but they are more often to be spotted in the Arctic and North Pacific Ocean from Washington to Alaska.
What do these Jellyfish do?
Jellyfish Activity
Can something scary still be beautiful?
Lions Main Body
The lions 'mane' jellyfish is named this because of the long hair like stands that flow freely under the jellyfish. These massive jellyfish own eight bundles of up to one hundred fifty tentacles in each section. As frightful as these creatures are, they are quite beautiful with abstract colors varying from purple,crimson, light orange, and tan.
Fun Fact
By: Charlotte Caldejon
The Lions mane jellyfish is not only the biggest jellyfish breed in the world, but it is also the largest in size owning whopping tentacles up to 190 feet long and 7 feet wide.
Just like any other jellyfish, the Lions Mane can only swim vertically, but with the help of wind and the waters current these jellyfish are perfectly fine bobbing up and down in the ocean.
These jellyfish will not kill and average healthy human with one sting (that only happened once..) but there sting is still extremely painful.
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