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Copy of System of Family Engagement

Overview of family engagement and RED programs to support

Adam Couch

on 15 August 2016

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Transcript of Copy of System of Family Engagement

Engaging Families
A look inside...
A look inside...

Case Study
In Your Program
How much do you get to know this parent in the few minutes of drop off and pick up?
for the family and professionals
What can the program do in the time you are with the child?
We all believe that our connection with families plays a significant role for children. We strive to maintain a positive regard for our families.
Know risks
and supports
Learning opportunities
for children & families
You can change a child
Connect the family
to resources
Kayla is a single mother of two boys ages 18 months and 4 years old
Kayla works 30 hrs/wk, various shifts while the children attend your program
Kayla has support nearby from her family and the boys' Father spends time with them sporadically
Kayla and her boys live alone in a safe neighborhood
While the boys are in the care of your program...

You observe:

Boys get dropped off in PJs several days per week


4 y/o is unable to sit in circle time for 30 minutes

18-mo old cries for an hour after drop-off

What don't we know about this family?
The work of developing authentic relationships with our families is worth our time and resources. We also believe that this work should be side by side WITH our families!
Figure out risks

Learn how to improve environment

Make goal and take action to improve
Professionals need...
Knowledge & Tools

support social-emotional development
manage disruptive behavior
assist parents

Parents need to...
Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best they can possibly be.
- Rita Pierson
Build the skills of your staff
Add tools to help parents
Pretend that parent engagement
isn't important
Teachers and Parents build resilience
Long Term effects
adverse events
lack of social-emotional development
Foster secure, consistent, nurturing connections with adult
Know that experience
shapes brain
Provide a sense of security, safety, nurturing and belonging for the child and parent
Teach skills through modeling and direct teaching
The needs of your staff and families
You can do it
Skills for teachers, children, parents
Build nurturing relationships
Risk Factors
Protective Factors
What's possible with quality
care and famiily partnerships
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