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Customer Focus

No description

Karen Leonard

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Customer Focus

Customer Focus
Your Actions and Attitudes
avoid distraction-indicate focus-paraphrase the issue
mirror-reflect the desired emotional state

*There are no difficult customers, ONLY difficult situations
Setting the Standard
Client Satisfaction: Built on Trust
Five Key Steps
Setting the Standards of Service
We can set standards to maximize customer satisfaction
Satisfaction = (Perception of actual service) - (Expectation of service)
Influence expectations: don't over promise on delivery dates or service, have confidence in what we sell, be factual & professional
Control perception: stay true to delivery dates, know client preferences, surprise client with extra deliverables

Building our Team
Team members are customers too!
Use same foundations of great customer service with your teams
Manage satisfaction & reduce turnover.
Empowers team to maximize customer service: lead by example
Leaders serve / Upside down pyramid
Work Within Company Policy
Know your company's policies

Consider how rigid the policies are: is there wiggle room?

Understanding why each policy was established will assist you in adhering to it

Align your own values with those of the company
Thank the customer for the complaint
Avoid Blame
Assure that you will all you can do
Obtain Information
Determine the desired outcome
Provide a Solution
Honesty, disclose all relevant information
Is the customer satisfied?
Thank them AGAIN
Customer Service Cycle
The initiation phase:
issue is perceived and contact is initiated
The resolution phase:
gather information (content and validity)
develop and propose a solution
The closing communication phase:
conclude contact and leave with a parting message
*The problem is resolved and no further action needed
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