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Science Fair Project

No description

Dominique Roaksmith

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Science Fair Project

How does stress affect body temperature?
When a person is stressed, adrenaline is released through the adrenal glands, which causes a person to breathe faster. When this happens, more oxygen is being pumped to the heart, allowing blood to pump faster. This causes more friction between your blood and skin, raising your body temperature.
When a person is stressed, their body temperature will rise, because a person's heart is beating faster, causing more blood to go through the body, resulting in a person's temperature to rise.
- mental anxiety resulting from difficult circumstances.
Body temperature
- the measurement of internal heat of a person's body.
- a device that measures temperature.
- a hormone created by the adrenal glands, especially in conditions of stress
Adrenal Glands
- a pair of organs above the kidney; produces adrenaline

20 question math test, test subjects, timer, thermometer, prize for test subjects
1. take test subject's temperature
2. inform them of prize
3. give test subjects a test
4. ask test subjects to complete within one minute
5. after test, take temperature again
6. record temperatures from before and after
7. give test subject with best results a prize

Sophia Jones taking her temperature before the test.
Sophia Jones taking the test.
When the test subjects took the test, their body temperature rose anywhere from 0.5 to 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The average increase of temperature was 0.88 degrees Fahrenheit. The most amount of questions correct on the test was 20/20, the least was 9/20. The average amount of questions missed was 5.
How does stress affect body temperature? Stress affects body temperature by increasing a person's temperature when they are in a stressful situation. Our hypothesis was correct, every subject's temperature that we tested increased after they had taken the test. The test and time limit made the test very stressful which raised their body temperature. If we conducted this experiment again, we would most likely make a more stressful environment, and finding more research in depth. We could also possibly interview someone who would know things about stress levels.
Jacob Lynch taking the test
Britnee Burnette taking the test
For this science fair project, we decided to conduct an experiment testing a person's temperature when they are put in a stressful environment. We developed the question, "How does stress affect body temperature". We took the test subject's temperature before and after they were given a 20 question test. The average temperature increase was 0.88 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average amount of questions missed was 5. In conclusion, all of the test subject's temperatures rose, which proves that our hypothesis was correct, a person's body temperature will rise when they are stressed.
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