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Repeated sculptures

No description

Toby Gerard

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Repeated sculptures

Repeated Sculptures A style of sculpture where one shape is REPEATED again and again Known by a few differnt names
Modular sculpture
Minimalist sculpture
Constructivist sculpture All these sculptures have shapes or FORMS that repeate themselves Using the provided materials, You are going to create a repeated sculpture That sculpture will be based on one shape that you design, and repeat over and over again More Repeated Sculptures.... FORM=a 3-D shape Geometric forms= Forms you have probably seen in math class Organic Forms=
Round, smooth, lines and shapes Modular Unit=A 3-D form that has exact dimensions and is repeated Materials for Repeated Sculptures X-acto blades
Same safety rules apply Cardboard Techniques Cardboard is...
Sandable Things to think about Make one "Master" shape Use that "Master" shape to copy the rest of your shapes for you sculpture Tapes and glues A few different kinds
You do not need a lot!!
Please use these materials carefully! Wire and Paper techniques Introducing wire and paper techniques
if your done with your 1st sculpture
if you want to try somthing new
if you are stuck on your current sculpture The same project guidelines still apply
Make one shape or one form
Repeat and combine those shapes to make a sculpture
Try making the same sculpture that you made before, but out of wire or paper.
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