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Technological changes and technologically transformed body

34th Humanities and Technology Association Annual Conference

Bárbara Duarte

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Technological changes and technologically transformed body

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Bárbara N. Duarte
PhD candidate in Social Sciences
Federal University of Juiz de Fora- Brazil
University of Strasbourg- France

Technological changes and technologically transformed body
The body hackers try to live new experiences,
to develop their senses,
and bring new functional uses for technology
by making new attempts in their own body,
experiencing innovative sensations.
Body Hacktivism
The "Body Hacktivism" is an independent artistic
and body modification movement created in 2000 by the French body modifier Lukas Zpira. The Body Hacktivism’s enthusiasts aim to work empirically and conceptually around the notion of a technologically modified body through prospective body modifications. The body hacking is can briefly be defined as a voluntary walk done by individuals who are willing to modify their own body by attaching to it artificial components, with the goal of transforming their "natural" behavior.
Someone passionate for computers and electronics
Someone who appropriates of informatics tools through the profound knowledge of the way that the tools work
It is the transposition of this way of thinking into the human body
Somewhere between the hacking and the bio-hacking
Another approach but a continuation of other process of body modification logic (as tattooing, piercing and esthetic surgery)
How does the Body Hacktivism appropriate of the techniques of body modification in Contemporaneity?
What is the result of the modification(creation,invention,transformation)of the body?
Research: Review of the literature, participant-observation in
a network, interviews and detailed description
This is an international research in the sense that the actors of this
phenomenon (body modifiers,artists)travel around the world
to performances and work with body modification
Main protagonists of these practices:
Europe and the United States of America
(Lukas Zpira, Steve Haworth, Samppa von Cyborg, Brian Decker)
November 2011 - July 2012 research conducted in
France, Italy, Brazil, the United States
"The central aspect in Danse Neurale is to bring flesh,
plastic and steel on stage together,
make them complementary and
let them express together as
if they were a single organism "(Enrico Viola)
Danse Neurale
Lukas’ body is equipped with a series of wireless sensors:
an EEG headset, a breath microphone and a modified stethoscope;
moreover two flesh hooks are inserted under his skin and connected to a winch.
As the biometric signals are collected,
they are sent to the software,
where they are parsed in real time and used to drive both the audio and the visuals;
when the winch starts to pull Lukas’ flesh,
it generates a neurological response that, in turn, becomes a biomechanical feedback:
two huge wings made with his own EEG graph grow from his shoulders,
start to flap and lift his body off the ground.
French"underground"artist, photographer and body modifier

Used to work with tattooing, scarification, body suspensions.

Question: Which "category do I belong to? Cyberpunk,cyborg, modern primitive,body art?
What do I want to say through my work?
I had already used the term "body hacking"because for me it's an evidence about the body(...)the idea of pushing the limits of anything.Through my work I want to show that there will be many things that will change in relation to our body, our evolution,and these things will happen in a natural way. We'll eliminate the natural evolution and we'll evolve in reason of the technology,biotechnology.The "body hacktivism" is a group of people who have a reflection about the body, the evolution of humanity. It has to be related with technology and always have a prospective vision. (Lukas Zpira)
He was one of the first body artists
to implant a RFID chip
(Radio Frequency Identification),
"pioneer" in transdermal implants,
subcutaneous implants, scarification,
MATSI(Multi Application Titanium Skin Interface).
For me the Body Hacktivism is to take control of your body and make the choices that we want.It's more a political issue than a physical transformation. To be a body hacktivist it's necessary to have a relation with technology.
There is a problem in the basis of identity, if I were satisfied with my natural body I'd not want to change.My response to my discontent was to modify my body.I was not satisfied and I immersed myself in the imaginary of the Science-Fiction and the body art helped to open this door to the future.
Eddy - Body modifier - paris
The post-humanism has already started.People
have artificial heart,technology started
to enter the body (...)
Yes, I can say I'm looking for metamorphosis,transformation, evolution, but if I will be different, well, I don't know. But undoubtedly with this goal I will be different from my original version.
I think that the hacktivism is thinking about the technologies of the future, and how they have been appropriated. There has always been body modification, in this sense there cannot be anything new because we have ever seen men exploring the possibilities of the body.

For me the Body Hacktivism is about the underground development of technology. So it isn't within mainstream medical or scientific institution.

I am a body in production.

For me it's kind of incorporation of the discourse, by getting body modification. And my first idea was to have a pearl bead underneath my skin.
LIssette olivares
phd candidate
teacher at THE university of new york
10000 Generations later
A subdermal co-evolutionary archive
My intention with this project is to construct a subdermal
archive composed of the critters (you're included) that I'd like to (I'm in process of) co-evolve with.
I invite you to participate in this archive with a donation of your DNA (bone,hair,fingernail,eyelash,etc).
These bits and pieces will be stored in silicone molds and implanted under my skin.
Collaborators:Steve Haworth & Brian Decker
Steve haworth
3-d Body modification artist and human evolutionist
Invention and popularization of subdermal and transdermal implants(such as Metal Mohawk."Pioneer"in:surface bars,ear shaping,tongue splitting,magnetic implants,and artistic branding(using electrosurgical units).

When tattoos and piercings are becoming more acceptable these days,
so will this form of modification.

I didn’t find my place in society, because at the time I didn't want to work, I didn't want to do the same things day after day (...)so when I got more tattoos I started hanging out with a tattoo artist then I started to go to some tattoo conventions in Europe, and I made lots of friend in this industry.

I started talking to a tattoo client, who was a doctor,about the works of Steve Haworth, getting implants, such type of body modification. He was really interested and fascinated about the fact that someone was using the same type of techniques and the same tools that they use in the medical industry but with a totally different purpose.

Body modification artist, performer,Jewelry designer
Sterlac, Kevin Warwick, these guys are doing the same type of things that I think Lukas wants to do, and that I have done. But those people who were before us did not call it body hacktivism.
Samppa Von Cyborg
I guess that this kind of cyborg thing I would say
that it probably started first time when I exploded HR Giger,
the artist known for his work on the movie Alien.
He kind of showed me the way
straight to the Science-Fiction world.

Creation of vibrating implants for genitals and
implantable hard drive disk.
How to talk about the "body"?

Could we still maintain the dichotomy nature-culture of Western society?

Interactions of this social phenomenon - what does it say about nature, culture, technology, Science, society?

How are these practices articulated with other discourses?
final considerations?
Raising some questions!
thank you!
Body hacktivism
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