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Billie Holiday

No description

Kristy Keeler

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday was born on April 7,1915 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,United States.Billie Holidays birth name was Eleanora Harris.Billie's father Clarence Holiday,a musician, did not marry Sadie Harris ( Billie's mother).On Billies birth certificate it said that her father was Frank DeViese; people think that the workers in the hospital or the government put the name of a different man on the birth certificate. By Kristy Keeler Billie Holiday Billie Holiday was a American Jazz singer and songwriter.Billie Holiday was nicknamed "Lady Day" by her friend and musical partner Lester Young.At the age of twelve Billie was raped by Wilbur Rich(her next door neighbor) while her mom was away in New York.Billie was also a prostitute with her mother.By the end of 1932 at the age of 17,Billie Holiday replaced the singer Monette Moore at a club called Covan's on West 132nd Street.Billie had a difficult childhood. Death Billie Holiday died on July 17, 1959 (age 44) in New York City, New York, United States.In early 1959 Billie found out that she had cirrhosis of the liver.The doctor told her to stop drinking she did,but only for a short period of time then she returned to the heavy drinking.She had lost 20 pounds by May.Her friends tried to get her to the hospital,but she put them off.She was taken to Metropolitan Hospital in New York suffering from liver and heart diase.Seh was arrested for drug possession as she lay dying and her hospital room was raided by the authorities. Billie Holiday was a great singer ,her occupations were being a singer,songwriter,and actress.The genres she sang was vocal jazz,jazz blues,torch songs,swing,and blues.One of her songs was "Strange Fruit" it was a protest song which became one of her standards and was made famous with her 1939 recording.In Harlem she started singing in various night clubs. Billie Holiday at two years old ,in 1917 Top 10 Songs Strange Fruit
God Bless The Child
Lady Sings The Blues
Fine and Mellow
Good Morning Heartache
Lover Man
What a Little Midnight can Do
Ain't Nobody's Business if I Do
Sugar Awards Billie Holiday was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame,which is a special Grammy award established in 1973 to honor that are at least 25 years old and that have historical significance. Resources Voice Billie Holidays performances instantly recognizable throughout her career. Court On May 16,1947,Billie Holiday was arrested for possession of narcotics in her New York apparment.On May 27,1947 she was in court.It was called "The United States of America versus Billie Holiday.During the trial received a notice that her lawyer was not going to represent her in the trial.At the of the trial she was sentenced to Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia.Billie Holiday was released early March 16, 1948 for good behavior. Birth Billie Holidays Career Early Life Billie's Dad Billie's Mom Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billie_Holiday Billie Holiday sitting in court.
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