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Whats the news?

No description

Oran Kenyon

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Whats the news?

Whats the news?
Who is this girl?
This is Madeleine McCann
It was May 2007...
Madeleine McCann's Parents go out for dinner 8:30pm
Gerry McCann checks on children at 9:05PM - No alarm was sounded
An Irish man see's man and child at 10PM, Kate McCann Raises the alarm
May 2007
November 2013
6 1/2 Years Later...
Whats Happened?
Maddie is still lost.
However; The Portuguese government have re-launched an investigation after new information has surfaced.
The McCanns were spending their holiday in Praia Da Luz, with the three children. But the 3rd of May raises many questions.
There have been many theories about who took Maddie.
But was Madeleine sedated?
It is thought that the McCann parents who are both in the medical profession may have used sedatives to send their children to sleep in order to go out for the meal.
Sedatives such as Chloroform can be made from household chemicals.
Paint stripper like terps can be used to send an unwilling victim to sleep, as experimented by Raymond Hewlett
Remember though; sedatives taken orally take a long time to be effective.
If Maddie was abducted, how would the abductor get in?
Madeleine’s bedroom window was open and the shutter raised but it seems unlikely that this was the entry point because:-
Apparent lack of forensic evidence to support this
Whilst the shutter can be opened and raised from the outside, the mechanism for doing so is on the inside. When raised from the outside, the shutter does not remain up
Risk of being seen
Requires a key. However, police believed that the recent burglaries at the apartments were perpetrated by people with keys since there were no signs of a break-in.
The patio door at the rear was unlocked and used by the McCanns and their friends to enter for child-checks. There were walls and mature shrubbery which could have provided an intruder with cover so that he could make his way from the road to the apartment door unobserved (as well as hide until ready to make his move)
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