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Photo Editing

No description

Jennifer Gal

on 25 August 2010

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Transcript of Photo Editing

For more information visit the library website at http://www.hpl.ca Photo Sharing Welcome to http://photobucket.com http://picasa.google.com http://www.scrapblog.com http://www.flickr.com Once you've finished editing, share your photos with friends and family. Post your images to one of these photo sharing websites and send friends a link rather than emailing individual photos. Photo Editing Tools There are a variety of free photo editing tools available online.
Many don't require a download or login. http://aviary.com/ http://www.picnik.com http://www.splashup.com http://pixenate.com sharpen colours exposure rotate crop resize Quick Fixes Special Effects Working with Layers In this class you will ...

become familiar with a variety of online photo editing tools
learn basic editing techniques such as cropping and resizing
learn how to apply special effects to your photos
discover a variety of ways to share your photos online PhotoEditing digital scrapbooking slideshows storage We have 24 locations around the city and a huge collection of books, CDs, movies and magazines that are all free to borrow with your library card. Image by Little Silver Image by CCAC North Library http://www.sumopaint.com http://www.photoshop.com
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