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The Armenian Genocide

No description

Loretta Bartosh

on 22 March 2012

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Transcript of The Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide Stage 1: Classification Stage 2: Symbolization Stage 3: Dehumanization Stage 4: Organization Stage 5: Polarization Stage 6: Preparation Stage 7: Extermination Stage 8: Denial Deportation Abduction Torture Massacre Starvation Death Marches 1.5 million died http://www.theforgotten.org/intro.html
Jerablus and Deir el-Zor
Concentration Camps Kids smashed Exposure Terrorization The Victims Designated Infidel Others thrown into flames... Alive Women butchered Men mutilated Turks vs. Armenians Young Turks Mehmet Talaat = Minister of Interior (1915) Ismail Enver = Minister of War Ahmed Jemal = Minister of the Marine/ Military Governor of Syria Grand Vizier (1917) Britain and France Publicized atrocities Tried to defeat the German-Austrian-Turkish Alliance America-Bystander Wanted to remain neutral "It was better not to draw attention to the atrocities, lest U.S. public opinion get stirred up and begin demanding U.S. involvement... Because the Turks had not violated the rights of Americans, Wilson did not formally protest." Ambassador to Ottoman Empire, Henry Morgenthau Sr., protested America's un-involvement. World/U.S Involvement The Culprits Special Organization -Encouraged by government to rob and kidnap
Armenian deportees. Kurdish Bandits -Teshkilah Mahsusa
-Primary function: carry out the mass slaughter of deported Armenians Muslim Uneducated Majority Christian Educated Minority Deportation Syria Desert
By Train Wagon
By foot
Stuffed in animal cars To this day, Turks deny the genocide
"The Armenians did it to themselves." Own language and customs Despite restrictions, some rose to wealth and influence Turks made Armenian Christians
dress differently Some tried to dress
as Turks to avoid punishment, most were discovered and punished more severely Different social, political and legal structure "Requirements" 1. Loyalty to sultan 2. Pay Taxes (higher than Muslims) 3. No rebellion against Sultan 4. Obey all laws 5. Second Class citizen status Fewer legal rights Severely restricted access to leadership positions Could not own guns Could not intermarry with Muslims Could not testify against a Muslim in court "In order to justify this enormous crime, the requisite propaganda material was thoroughly prepared in Constantinople. [It included such statements as]
'the Armenians are in league with the enemy. They will launch an uprising in Instanbul, kill off the Committee of Union and Progress leaders and will succeed in opening the straits (of the Dardanelles).

Ottoman Naval Officer in the War Office describing the planning behind the genocide. Different religions already separated the Turks and Armenians Turks drove them farther apart by outlawing marriages between Muslims and other religions Hamidian Massacres 1894-1896
-Hamidye: "men of Sultan" By WWI, Young Turks turned Turkish nationalism into anti-Armenian movement To World/US Involvement Beheaded Armenians To the Timeline August 1, 1914 November 2, 1914 November 29, 1914 April 24, 1915 October 7, 1915 December 14, 1915 January 11, 1916 June 1916 March 15, 1920 September 16, 2006 Germany declares war on Russia
Beginning of WWI. Russia formally declares war against the Ottoman Empire Halil Pasha (Military Governor of Constantinople) begins organizing Special Organization units in the city by enrolling criminals released from prison. Armenian political, religious, educational and intellectual leaders in Constantinople are arrested, deported and executed. Beginning of Armenian Genocide. By this date the number of deported Armenians still living is estimated at 360,000.
Minimum of 800,000 Armenians DEAD. Orders are issued for the killing of Armenian priests. Instructions are sent to prevent foreign officers from photographing dead Armenians. The Turkish government orders the Turkification and Islamization of the surviving Armenian Catholics. Talaat is assassinated in Berlin by an Armenian student, Soghomon Tehliran. President Obama, as a senator, stated his intentions to work for an end to the Turkish denial of the Armenian Genocide and promote the truth and encourage people to speak out To the future...
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