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Keith Haring

Overview of his life

Benjamin Lieber

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Keith Haring

THE JOURNEY OF KEITH HARING 1976-1978 Attended Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh, moves to NYC and enrolls at the School of Visual Arts .....becomes very involved in the underground art scene Haring curates exhibitions at New York's Club 57 1980-1981 Shares a Time Square studio with Kenny Scharf Haring does a series of drawings and graffiti art at Mudd Club, New York Meets graffiti artist LA II and later paints his first mural in schoolyard at Lower East Side, New York 1982 Collaborates with graffiti artist LA II and creates posters for anti-nuclear demonstration in Central Park First major solo exhibition at Tony Shafrazi Gallery in New York City paints mural on cement handball court in Bowery, New York 1983 Paints murals all over New York and also a mural in Milawaukee Exhibits at Whitney Museum Paints choreographer Bill T. Jones 1984 Paints mural in Sydney, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Dobbs Ferry, Minneapolis Commissioned by the United Nations to create First Day Cover to commemorate 1985 as being International Youth Year Shows at Venice Biennale 1985 Creates cover and centerfold for Scholastic News Teaches painting workshop and distributes free coloring books at Children's World's Fair Solo show at Museum of Contemporary Art, Bordeaux 1986-1987 1988 1989
1990 Collaborates with 1,000 New York City kids to create a statue of liberty banner opens Pop Shop in New York City 300 foot long mural on Berlin Wall and Crack is Whack mural in New York City Diagnosed with HIV Designs cover for compilation record that proceeds benefits for the Special Olympics and posters for Literacy Campaign Easter at the White House Mural sponsored by Crayola United Nations commission Haring to design First Day cover for International Volunteer Year Collaborated with students on the Chicago Mural Project Travels worldwide to campaign for the awareness of AIDS including a trip to Barcelona where he did a mural Starts Keith Haring Foundation United Nations hires Haring to design First Day Cover for Stop AIDS Worldwide Year Dies of AIDS on February 16 in New York
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