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Global Warming

No description

Ian Kabra

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Global Warming

Climate Atmosphere Exosphere Thermosphere Mesosphere Ozone Layer Trophosphere Stratosphere Nitrogen
78% Oxygen
21% CO2
HOLE IN THE OZONE! UV rays get trapped Radiation Skin Cancer Rates Sky Rocket Stratosphere deteriorates Acid+Base=Bubbles
=No Junction
=No ocean life
=Countries die out Acid Rain+Ocean=Bubbles
=No shellfish
=No fish
=Countries die out When CO2 goes up
Acid Rain+Ocean= No shells
=No fish
=Countries die out (Thermo means temperature. It is cold and hot up there. Strato means layers and Tropho means stir up. Windy!) Water Cycle 3 Stages of Water GAS (Water Vapor) SOLID (Ice) LIQUID (Water) Evaporation OCEAN SUN Condensation Precipitaton Runoff CLOUD Amount of water evaporated and precipitated stays the same. The areas it precipitates changes causing droughts and floods. RESERVOIRS ARE DRYING UP! Carbon Cycle CO2 Oxygen THEN CO2 CO2 Oxygen Body Dies Co2 NOW Carbon is a really common element. In large doses, it is deadly. Sun produces CO2 CO2 hits bodies of water and wipes out mass amount of molecules. They die and then organisms can't make shells. The smaller fish get wiped out , the big fish die, and then coutries lose an important food source. CO2 Nirogen
78% Oxygen
21% CO2
Trace Others
0.97% Everytime a volcano erupts, mass amounts of carbon are released from the earth. Glaciers are also large frozen runoffs. Every day, 20,000,000 tons of carbon are released from car emissions, factories, etc. OCEANS
As climate climbs, the ocean switch balance becomes more delicate. Cold Dense Water Warm Fresh Water Warm Fresh Water Hot Water 40% of CO2 goes into the ocean making it acidic. Molecules dissolve, no shells, no marine life,
nations get wiped out. When the hot and dense cold water switch, there is more oxygen which the plankton immediately slurp up. The other fish won't be able to breathe and they die. This happens all the time. Salt Cold Dense Water Warm Freshwater Hot Water The act of the cold dense water shooting up into the hot water is called an upwelling. One of the reasons why the ocean is so acidic is because CO2 causes acid rain which eventually ends up in the ocean. Oceans are good at soaking up carbon but it is absorbing so much and it is getting worse and worse at doing it.
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