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Stargirl By: Jerry Spinelli

No description

shanteria stafford

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of Stargirl By: Jerry Spinelli

Powerful Passage #1

This story is a about a girl named stargirl who is new to MAHS. She is not like other students,she's more of her own person in her own world. People thought she was weird and didnt want to hang with her. Until they started to see she is actually funny and cool to hang around.
Major Character/Description
Stargirl, who up till now has been homeschooled, starts school at Mica High as a tenth grader, where Leo is starting his eleventh grade year. Stargirl's entrance to school is a Big Deal for all the students in this small Arizona town. She immediately starts a stir with her wacky outfits and even more wacky behavior. She does all sorts of stuff that students at Mica
Power Passage #2
Stargirl By: Jerry Spinelli
“It did not occur to me that I was being watched. We were all being watched.”
(Leo, the narrator, speaking) Stargirl was doing the watching. She was looking for birthdays, and anything which would be a reason for doing something nice for someone.
Her back was to us, so I couldn't see her face. No one sat with her, but at the tables next to hers kids were cramming two to a seat. She didn't seem to notice. She seemed marooned in a sea of staring, buzzing faces (Page 4)

Here's Leo's rather vivid description of how Mica High's society responds to Stargirl's first day in the cafeteria. She is the new girl and very different, so everyone's a bit on edge. She has Kevin and Leo
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