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The Runaway King

By Adam Farr

Laura Cody

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of The Runaway King

The Runaway King

Jaron, king of Carthya has recently accepted his role as king with the "help" of the extremist, Bevin Conner, who planned to use him to over- throw the kingdom.
However, only a few months after assuming his role as king, Jaron is threatened by his former friend Roden, who says that if Jaron doesn't turn himself over, the Avenian pirates will invade the kingdom.
The exiting, intense, powerful, suspenseful, and funny adventure book that will leave you guessing to the end.
To save his country, Jaron travels to Avenia, trying to destroy the pirates. But just as he gets to Avenia, he promptly gets captured by a nine-year-old boy. Will Jaron be able to save Carthya, or even survive? Read to find out!
I would recommend this book to girls and boys between 4th and 6th grade who are looking for a good adventure book.
"...Action packed, full of twists and turns, and very well done.."
"I couldn't put it down, and I can't wait for the next one!"
If you like this book, then read the next one!
This book was written by Jennifer Neilson
Prezi By:

Adam Farr
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