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Becoming a Teacher

No description

Mr. Chan

on 3 November 2010

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Transcript of Becoming a Teacher

Becoming a Teacher Salary Qualifications http://www.ouac.on.ca/teas/ Please make sure to
do your own research OISE at University of Toronto:

http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/ite/Home/index.html University of Toronto Ontario Institute for Studies
in Education (OISE) P/J Primary/Junior (junior kindergarten-grade 6)
Students in the Primary/Junior division do not select a specific teaching subject.

Junior/Intermediate (grades 4-10)
Students in the Junior/Intermediate division select one teaching subject.

Intermediate/Senior (grades 7-12)
Students in the Intermediate/Senior division select two teaching subjects. J/I Admissions! #1 Reason: Passion for students
That you love to teach them. A 'consecutive' program is a 1 year teacher education program that is taken by people who have already completed a university degree.

A 'concurrent' program combines undergraduate degree studies and teacher education into one program of study. This means 5 years instead of 4 years of study. Teacher's college has two programs: the 'Consecutive' program and the 'Concurrent' program: Click: Thinking of Applying If you want to review this information at home:

http://prezi.com/w2oghi4zw2fi/becoming-a-teacher/ FAQ: English Language Proficiency Last year we received 4,544 applications for 1,277 spaces. As a result we were unable to offer admission to many qualified applicants. We do require 3 teaching or teaching-related experiences and at least one of these experiences involve a group of 5 or more individuals. Nevertheless, what is most important is the ability to clearly articulate the insights into teaching and learning that have been gained from each experience.

Even though our evaluation does not look for this, for most people, the best experience is based in a regular school classroom at the age-level appropriate to the division and grade to which you are applying.

100 hours or more PER experience. What kinds of are you looking for? My Story God's provision:

My friend ask me to come to her classroom to volunteer.
Teaching fit my passions and academic qualifications. More experience info Competition for OISE at UofT Current Job Market:
Over-crowded experience "Teacher's College" There are 3 Divisions in Teacher's College/Teacher's Qualifications I/S by Charles Chan
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