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Copy of Education Portfolio

A synopsis of my teaching strategies and philosophies

JoAnn More

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Education Portfolio

Classroom Environment Planning and Preparation General Education Pre-K thru 6th Jo-Ann More "Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand." Chinese Proverb Differentiation Now that you have heard from me, there are some other people who would like to share their thoughts... Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport Managing Student Behavior Surveys Communicating with Families Reflecting on Teaching "I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." Chinese Proverb Professional Responsibilities Instruction Make Real-life Situations Children are born with an innate desire for understanding the world around them. Teachers should foster this quality by providing meaningful, enriching and diverse opportunities to help them reach their full potential. Differentiating in Math... Based on a pre-assessment and my own knowledge of my students, groups were formed. Also, materials were provided to enable each student to reach their potential, be challenged and make their own discoveries! Students who feel cared for and respected by their teacher and peers are more likely to thrive, to take risks and to be open and honest about themselves. In order to celebrate a student as a learner, I think it is crucial to first celebrate them as a person. A Twist on Bio-Poems After spending some time getting to know one another, each student created a Bio Poem in the form of a "Guess Who". Once they were completed, a few were read each day as we practiced our previously learned listening skills. We continued to get to know each other. Then, we placed them in the hallway so that people in our bigger community could get to know us better too. Student Survey I also love to hear from the students personally. It helps me to get to know them better. People Scavenger In the first week of school, I think it is important in build a strong classroom community. I do this by conducting a "people" scavenger hunt. It enables students to really get to know each other better and makes learning fun.! Parent Survey I mail a survey to the parents before the school year starts. This helps to aquaint me with my students before we meet. A classroom community, which is created by the community, encourages positive behavior. In our class, we work together to create silent signs to help with management. Students use them to keep others focused, I use them to model and show how each student's time is valued. I often will highlight the positive behaviors that are going on in the classroom. I will call it out and state that student's or group of students specific behavior. I believe positive recognition goes a long way! Picture Books to Create a Classroom Culture In our class, we emphasize the value of books. Students learn that there are many important life lessons taught through literature. After reading many picture books, students were invited to select a book and identify an important life lesson that we could refer to as we built our positive learning community. Job Application We worked together to brainstorm jobs that needed to be created in order for our classroom to run smoothly. We created a list, students were encouraged to reflect throughout the day and made additions. Then as a community, we came to consensus and made a final list. That night, students went home, considered their strengths and applied for jobs. Labeling I devote an immense amount of time planning, preparing and organizing my room. I believe that this promotes more independence. This also allows for smooth transitions, meets the needs of my students and enables us to use the day in the most effective manner. I truly devote an immense amount of time in planning and preparation. I actively seek out the knowledge of
students’ backgrounds, passions, skills, interests, and
special needs from a variety of
sources. This helps me to see what they need and what type of learner that they are. Assessments Assessments provide us with insightful information. They drive our lessons, enable students to reflect and help us to see different levels of understanding. Game Day- Student chosen assessment Personal Reflection At the beginning of each unit in writing, students get an opportunity to view some mentor texts. At this point, students list work in partnerships and in groups to list specific crafts to the particular genre being taught. Students then work together with me to create goals for that unit. Throughout the unit, students revisit these goals. At the end, students are given an opportunity to do a self reflection. Use of Questioning Student Engagement I strongly believe in having an open communication with the families. I develop this relationship by sending out monthly newsletters, having publishing celebrations, email daily, speak with doctors, therapists and tutors. I also invite parents in to be an active participant in a lesson. This is one example of a newsletter that I sent out to the famiies. Students set goals At the beginning of the year, Students take time to reflect on the previous years as a learner. They then set goals for themselves as a learner and as an individual. These are hung in the room as reminders throughout the year. In this math lesson, while students were creating arrays, many Students came up with theories. We recorded them. As discoveries were made, students came up and jotted down their findings and revised their theories. Mid-year reflection Students also reflect in the middle of the year. In this photo, we did the reflection in the form of a New Year's celebration and made resolutions. Students set goals for themselves, reflect and revise them. They do this in many different ways. They do it at the beginning of the year... Students also reflect at the end of every unit. Peers provide each other with positive feedback during a writing celebration. Then, students take the time to reflect on this feedback as well as the entire process that they have gone through. Questioning is a crucial part to teaching. I truly believe that questioning should deepen the understanding of an idea. I use higher level questioning that encourages students to create hypotheses. I use questions that help students build on prior experiences or help them to arrive at a new understanding. Because of the environment that I create, I will hear students using similar questioning techniques. I am constantly trying to look at ways to enhance the questions that I use in my class. I love getting feedback from wherever I can- I will ask my principal, colleagues, staff developers and even my students. I enjoy being a learner too! Engaged students are intellectually active. I engage my students by really understanding who the students are in my classroom. I also thoroughly think about the activities, the grouping of my students, the resources/choices and the structure and pacing of my room. I think true evidence of engagement is in what the students are doing and talking about. Teachers have many professional responsiblities. I believe one crucial part of this, is to communicate and develop a partnership with the families in the classroom. It is also imperative that teachers work closely with collegaues and see themselves as a member of a professional community. I work hard to develop an open communication with the families in my classroom. Some of the ways that I do this are:
* monthly newsletters
* daily emails
* updating my web page
*working with doctors, specialists and tutors
* meetings
* publishing celebrations This is a "press pass" that I created to simulate a newspaper company during our writing workshop. During our mystery study, I created detective cases because students asked to create agency names for their book clubs. They wanted to feel like actual detectives. I continuously reflect on my teaching practices and lessons that I use. I feel that this helps me to enhance my teaching practices and positively impacts my students' learning.
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