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Gateway Presentation

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Nycole Abelarde

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Gateway Presentation

By: Nycole Abelarde Gateway Presentation P.E. Ms. Esparza taught us more about the careers that we might have in the future. It really helped me think more about what I want to be.

I also learned some art from Ms. B. We did paper marblings and other cool art works. Life Skills I had a difficult time learning Spanish, but at the end I learned the following words/sentences:
Buenas noches - Good night
Lunes - Monday
Uno, dos, tres...... - One, two, three
Zapatos - Shoes
Donde estas mi pantalones - Where are my pants? Spanish 10. Don't Procrastinate My 8th Grade Year
In UCLA-CS English Ms. Miller made me realize that I should not be afraid to share how I feel with others. Even though I am still shy, I will try to be more open with my feelings one step at a time. History Geometry Even though I did not share out at the You Don't Know Me event, I still felt like I had more courage by seeing my classmates being so brave on stage. I learned that the Battle of Gettysberg was the bloodiest war in the history of America. Science Advisory In Mr. Abellanosa's Advisory class, I learned that we are somewhat like a family, since we always have a community circle where we share good things AND also the bad things that are currently happening in our lives. To be successful... You would need to manage two things. One, your money and two, your time. This battle occurred during the civil war. We played lots of different kinds of sports this year like:
And more I learned to persevere while running the mile. The triangle is a very simple but also complicated shape. I learned the different ways we can find the sides and angles of certain triangles by doing:
Pythagorean Theorem
Tan In the many labs that we did, I learned more about chemical reaction when we did the baking soda and vinegar lab. When we mixed the substances, the mixture immediately fizzed and heated up. If you wait till the last minute to do your homework or project, it would be more stressful. I have been procrastinating a lot this year and I HATE IT since I dont get enough sleep. The End :)
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