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Evolution of Hair

No description

Neha Naz

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Evolution of Hair

Evolution of Hair
1920s - The Bob

-basic blunt cut
-worn with bangs or hair
brushedof at forehead
-more sophisticated cuts introduced
-the bob evolved to a more daring
cut, known as the "shingle" or
"boyish bob", it featured a
v-shape at the nape of
the neck
1940s - Peek-A-Boo
-made famous by 1940s starlet Veronica Lake
-create this look:
1. part hair deeply on one side
2. curling small sections of hair and pinning them
with a bobby pin
3. once hair is curled, remove bobby pins and
use fingertips to loosen curls into waves
hair will partly cover one eye because
of the deep part
-big hairstyles became very popular
-achieved this by perming and teasing hair
-the higher the hair at the back of the head, the more
- side ponytails; very popular hairstyle
-created this look:
1. pulling hair to one side into ponytail
2. bangs often cut and feathered back to finish

1970s - Long Straight Hair
-very common style of the 70s
-create this look:
1. really straight hair parted in center; very
popular way to wear hairstyle
2. also very popular to have flicked fringe or
"wings" with this style
3. to get really straight hair; iron hair
under paper bag
1980s - Big Hairstyles & Side Ponytails
1960s - The Beehive
1910s - Pompadour
-defining hairstyle
-high, rounded and curved away from head
-hair was swept up up with bun or featured
soft coils, chignons or curled fringes
-hair was often drawn over a rat (matted pad or
roll of hair
-create this look:
1. part hair in center
2. pin a"rat" on each side of head
3. curls sections up and over it
-pin curls were very popular and
- create this look:
1. section wet hair into 1x1 in. squares and
wrap around finger and pin curl in place
2. repeat till all hair is curled wait
overnight or blowdry hair and remove
3. gently shape hair with tailcomb
1930s - Tight Pin
1950s - The Italian Cut
-popular haircut, that became popular from the stars of Italian movies
-short, shaggy and tousled cut
featuring waves and soft

-most symbolic hairstyles of early 60s
-hive-shaped, backcombed and laquered mountain of hair
-elegant updo that could also work with longer hair in a half
up-half down style
-create this look:
1. divide top hair from bottom (leave bottom down or make low
2. divide top hair into 3 sections and back comb middle section
and a bit on side sections to create a mountain of hair
3. comb hair back from top part onto the back combed
parts and mould beehive into shape
4. grab all loose ends and pin in back
1990s - The Rachel
-bouncy layered shag inspired by
Jennifer Aniston's hair on Friends
-became popular launching international hair trend
-popularity of Rachel coincided with
populairity of Friends during mid to
late 90s
2000s - Beach Waves
-soft and natural waves
-create this look:
1. blow dry your hair using round brush to
get it mostly straight
2. then use curling iron to wrap sections of
your hair around the iron
3. gently finger comb hair to loosen
your curls into waves
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