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No description

Eva Alom

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Decision.

By Eva Alom Which direction am I going to go? It has really come down to this.
I must choose Adventure & Curiosity Adventure &Curiosity Passion & Love Passion & Love Paths Paths
New People. New Surroundings. Small Town Decent size city. May lead to more travel in the long run. Same setting as always. More dance. Without people I know and love. Lack of Ballet Aerial Silks To leave behind something that is great, just to
see what else there is. or What do you think? To not go and discover what is out there because what I already have is great. I will start by examining both choices using my 3 category system. 1. Adventure & Curiosity
2. Passion & Love
3. Changing the world & myself for the better. Which choice most effectively meets each of
these criteria? Improving arts programs. People who I would prefer to....
Avoid. People who I love. Which path to take? Changing the world
& myself for the better. Earn a B.F.A. degree in dance. Possibly in theatre as well. Join a dance company. Transition young into... A minor in "peace studies". Fitness. Teaching. Choreography. Go to a school with a good ballet program. Spend 3-4 years earning a degree Or art. Auditions. Tour with a show. Dance on a cruise ship. Ultimately More intellectually challenging. Changing the world
& myself for the better. Possible slow paced lifestyle. Possibly less motivating environment and colleagues. May lead to becoming more independent. May lead to work that does not make as much of a difference in the world. May lead to changing the
world in more immediate
ways. Able to take care
of those who may
need me. Saving money to use for good in the future. May lead to getting stuck in a non productive routine. This could be a good
choice in terms of
getting to dance ballet,
something I have always wanted. However, one must ask, is it truly worth it to spend four of one's good dancing years in school rather than just dancing? Seeing as dance is such a short career, precious time should not be wasted. Especially when there is not a strong second field of study to fall back on. This path will lead to a future very specifically focused on one field. This field is one that I have always been and will always continue to be incredibly passionate about. But I also know I am capable of doing more. Would I regret not reaching my full potential in every other part of life? Is this really what I want, after all? Major in international relations or other
related field that leads to studying abroad. Minor in dance until promised major
is available. "You would kick yourself if you didn't go.
You can always come back" - Sara Hrivnak "When else are you going to get an opportunity like this?"
- Meredith Royston "As much as it is my job to convince you to stay,
I always want you to see what other opportunities are out there." -Cara Harker "Before, I would have told you to go. But listening to you talk, I have almost changed my mind." - Meg Stuart This is a good place to be. And honestly, it's not so much where you go as it is what you make of what you get.
- Aryn King I think staying here and auditioning for things is the best choice. I don't know why, but I do. - Amanda Alom During school, audition for cruise lines, SYTYCD, and more. Double Major and choose any minor if desired. Ultimately I was always one of those kids who swore I was never going to
go to ETSU. It is ironic that I am now seriously considering staying by choice. But despite all its apparent flaws, I love the tri-cities, and home. Not to say I don't want to travel as much as possible, but maybe I do want to home to be my "base." If I were to stay, I could explore my many other talents, and my newly found intellectual abilities. I would never stop dancing of course, but my biggest fear is that I would not be able to advance. However, I do appreciate diversity in my life, more so than most, and this choice would lead to more diversity. As long as said diversity can be obtained without sacrificing the quality of any. Is this really possible? After graduating, in whatever time necessary, I can... Continue to audition for dance companies and other dance performance opportunities. Volunteer time. Do photography "on the side." Eventually go to GRAD SCHOOL Work in advanced work that changes the world for the better. Politically, etc. As an older woman... Retire with a sense of accomplishment. Have a decent, but not ridiculous amount of money
to spend on art, joy, and helping the world. Risk of doing too much of the same thing. Area that I love. May be a more fearful decision,
staying in comfort zone. Retire... work my way up the later. etc. etc. Knowing I have spent my life doing what I had always dreamed of. Knowing that I did the best to do what I sat out to do, regardless of money or expectations from society. Having little money to spend on changing the world. Volunteering time in what areas
I am able. Do photography and other hobbies
"on the side." Would show a support for focusing on artistic dreams 100% May lead to a sense
of not reaching full
personal potential
in all areas. Being completely "on my own." Choosing to stay with greatest passion at all costs. Showing support for diversity. Study Aerial Silks and related arts
intensively. Join the Peace Corp.
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