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No description

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of FUN FACTS


You are about to learn
very interesting facts about your colleagues...
is a
years old.
He has been with CNW for
He speaks, French
English and Spanish (
un poquito
His favorite color is grey and he has one
Growing up, some of his favorite cartoons were
Roger Rabbit
The punisher
His First Job
Parisien Cinema (RIP)
I’m one of the few who knew exactly what he wanted to do: actor. I have yet to achieve that! Also thought about being a fighter plane pilot but my eyesight disqualified me (that and the fact that I was too damn rebellious to be told what to do by an army dude). -Benoit
The name Benoit Comes from
the latin word Benedictus which means
Blessed by God
Benoit's biggest pet peeve is:
(Yes I am concern too O_o)
To the question 'Who is your celebrity crush Benoit said:
Oh boy! Famous or not, I look at women the same way I look at art; with admiration, esteem and respect. That said, naming one is just too hard…considering I have a pretty extensive exception LIST!!!
Some of Benoit's favorite movies are:
Benoit's favorite saying:
Chase a dream so big that you never lose sight of it!

Has been with CNW: collectively
years with a few years absent in between.
33 years old
Kellie's favorite color is
She has
older brothers.

Her favorite cartoon was
and she wanted to be a teacher or work with kids when she was younger.
at a grocery/pharmacy store, she was a supervisor.
Her first job was
Her pet peeve is Ignorant people!
Kellie's celebrity crush is Usher
Kellie's favorite saying is
"Karma is a b*tch!."
Her favorite movie is
The story behind her name is that her father's mother picked the spelling , because apparently it’s the British Way!
her son (1 of 2)
her ''daughter-in-law''
Nadine is 46-year old!

She speaks English and French. Her
favorite colors are yellow and pink
and she is an only child.
Her favorite cartoon was
Nadine's first job was at
To the question, what did you want to become as a child, she said:
Her mother named her after a CBC makeup artist after seeing her on TV!
Nadine dislikes unfairness very much.
She's over celebrity crushes! But If she had to pick one, she said Julia Roberts and anyone who is aging gracefully.
I like foreign movies, as foreign as possible! Subtitles and all! -Nadine
Journalism comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.
Favorite quote:
-year old ( the baby of the team)

Has been at CNW since

Her favorite color is pink, but she also consider leopard a color!
She has one
She was a cashier for 5 years!
#firstjob #classichighschooljob
I wanted to be a writer, but then a doctor because I was obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. -Melissa
Her favorite cartoon
I was named after Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls in Little House on a Prairie. Not the coolest story. -Melissa
Her celebrity crush is
John Krasinski
Chris Pine is a close second!
Her favorite movie is (500) Days of Summer and any other great indie flick that is filmed.
Her pet peeve is when someone doesn't follow through with their commitments
“The best things in life are free” Yes, that’s a Kanye West lyric but it’s true. Living, breathing, friendship, relationships; all free (although my boyfriend might argue differently :) Hahaha)

her son
29 years old!
She has been with
CNW for
Her favorite colour is
She has
Her favorite cartoon was
Her first job was at a day camp as a counsellor.
As a child, she wanted to be an actress, (
the cool Hollywood type
My dad really liked ‘Irene’, he grew up in the States and wanted me to have an ‘english’ name but since Irene sounds better in English than in French my mom pick ‘Jennifer’ from a book and ‘Lee’ because it was very popular in the US they combined both name… yay! -Jennifer-Lee
Her pet peeves are
Sloppy Handshakes
Finger Tip Grab handshake
Bone Crusher handshake
Justin Timberlake! We were supposed to get married and have kids, but he changed his mind… So I’ll have to say Jake Gyllenhaal. -Jennifer
Her Favorite quotes are
Her favorite movie is
I cried. A lot. -Jennifer
29 years old
Favorite colord are
Purple and Coral
Has been at CNW Since September 2014
She speaks French, English and Haitian Creole (she understands it and writes it better than she speaks it)
She has 2 older sisters
First job, cashier at both Guzzo cinemas in the South Shore
When she was younger, she wanted to be a cashier at a grocery store (
don’t ask
) and then a teacher.
At 5 her favorite cartoon was
At 20
At 29
She's not kidding!
Her pet peeves are
#Rude people
#Peoplewhodontreplytotheir messages
Her celebrity crush is
Idris Elba
Favorite quote
Some of her favorite movies are
(Haitian movie)
29 years old
Has been with CNW since July 2014
She speaks 1 ¼ English and a bit of French
Her favorite colour is purple
She has
1 older brother
1 older sister
Her favorite cartoon was
and still is
Stella's first job was in a gelato shop
As a child she wanted to be a nurse like her mom.

It was a choice between Stella and Daisy…luckily they went with Stella! -Stella
Her pet peeve:
People who walk too slow on the sidewalk
Her favorite quote is
I like a lot of movies, but don’t have a favorite one.
According to you, why did the chicken cross the road?
I may have to ask Google about this.
Simple. The brown chicken crossed the road because it had a date with the brown cow! ;o)
ha, to get to the other side, literally!
What chicken, never heard about that chicken, seriously…
Because there was a fowl smell. Bwahahha.
To go audition for the movie
Animal Farm
Because he was hungry
About us
(For Nadine)
(Inside Joke.. She didn't know who he was)
A journalist… I still do
(Anyone else sees a connection here?!?)
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